Monday, September 18, 2006

Dazzling Pictoral Representation of Our Life

We have been home a week and these are the only photos I have taken. Shame on us, I know. They are somewhat half assed and do not show how absolutely over the top cute my Olivia is. I suppose they are representative of our life this past week though. We have been militantly focused on Olivia's need to eat. The kid is a machine. 4 bottles and 2 meals a day, but wait make that 3 meals a day since today she pitched a big ole' stink when she woke from a nap only 1 hour after being fed. I thought for sure teething had set in or Damian's child had awoken from a 3 week slumber. Turns out the kid only wanted some pureed bananas and a cheese cracker. Go figure.

I think there is a lot you forget when you are a second time parent. This perhaps falls under the same category as when women give birth and they forget about the excrutiating pain so soon that after only a few months they are getting happy with hubby and presto another birth in under two years. The same goes for how much you forget about how much time babies take. They are like little time sucking hogs pulling at your pant leg, before you know it it's 3pm and you are still in your jammies with an unmade bed following a long trail of primary colored toys from the bedroom to the living room...she's in her third outfit due to one poopy incident and one barfing incident mind you, but nothing is getting done. Except that you notice that you saw her toothless little grin 3 more times than you did yesterday. So you think ok, dust bunnies will wait, we will just buy more bottles rather than cleaning the old ones, and the bill collectors will surely understand. Who the hell cares, she is smiling!

Ahhh, this is life with a 10 month old. My mission shall be to capture this smiley phenomenon complete with big sister proudly grinning as soon as a load of laundry moves from one pile to another and both girls appear to be in a somewhat agreeable mood.


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Welcome home, and yes we need more pictures! (Heh. Not being pushy, you understand, just need a little does of cuteness.)

Traci said...


She is adorable! We can't wait for more pictures. It's so fun to read your writing again. I'll keep checking back for pics of your gorgeous girls!


atomic mama said...

Sounds idyllic! Take care.

Lee-Anne said...

Too true!

Susan said...

She's so cute. Can't wait to see pics of the sisters together at home.

jaj said...

Welcome Home! And I'm guilty of dashing out to the store to buy new socks & undies for the's quicker than waiting for a load of laundry =)