Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Word From The Couch

I'm firmly planted on the couch. To be technical I have moved from my desk chair to the couch and back again a few times. It is 5:15pm and I'm in my jammies.. still, late not early sadly enough. I'm wearing a lovely teal blue head band that officially belongs to my daughter. Pretty. Ava has informed me that I have coffee breath and my feet are dirty. How can they get so dirty being in the house all day? I've comtemplated the mound of laundry that is now taking over the little room at the end of the hall. Not motivated enough to fold anything mind, just contemplated it. God, I wish you got points for thinking about house work.

Ava was a bear yesterday. Overstimulated and overtired, somehow her evil twin Sabrina bionically morphed into that cute litte body and decided to argue with everything sentence I decided to speak. Perhaps overtired describes both of us. Are we are coming down off of baby Olivia cloud nine? There is only so much adreneline that can carry you through a week. My gosh, that little kid is still the most beautiful little nugget I could have ever imagined but I think I wore myself out contemplating the newness of her arrival.

I suppose it did not help the situation that the very day we received Olivia's picture the planets aligned and 7 workmen showed up to install the new hardwoods in the addition and in Muffin Man's office. Since only one gentleman spoke any English at all communication was a little rough. Somehow my high school Spanish has been completely forgotten since attending Mandarin classes. Hola, amigos...Wo jiao Perrin. Completely ridiculous. Ava and I tried to stay out of their way...but as luck would have it I wanted to see my new babe's picture and nothing was tearing me away from the computer.

So, perhaps all the excitement of the week has done us in. I'm sure a little fireworks will be enough to perk us up!

Next week, apply for visas and narrow the packing lists down to the best 20 or so.

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Lee-Anne said...

Happy 4th of July! Hope you made it off the couch to catch some fireworks or parades or something?!
Ordinary day, here in Oz. Working, washing, etc etc...

Maybe you've got a referral hangover?