Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Listen To What You Are Saying

Monday was doctor visit day. Dum Dum Dum....

Since deciding to take Ava with us to China last week we have been in a flurry of activity changing up the plans to make sure that all is fine with what it will take to bring along a 4 year old on a two week adventure across the world t0 adopt her little sister.

Just updating the plan for 4 Chinese visas rather than 2 has believe it or not taken quite a bit of time and energy. My scatter-brained mommy adoption hormones kicking in is probably not helping the overall situation either to be honest.

It occurred to me late one evening or early one morning to be exact, that perhaps I should run Ava's big trip by our pediatrician. Taking the 4 year old to China, better make sure she doesn't need a booster or something. Since I'd been meaning to stop by her Dr's. office anyway to beg for some samples forthe trip why not make a morning of it and bring Ava?

I've been a little stressed about taking her, I'll admit. I will also admit to being even more stressed about leaving her. I have even sort worked my proverbial panties in a twist over the whole thing. Do we, don't we? Now we are going..crap, what now? What if she won't sleep and melts down in a completely hysterical fit during the adoption ceremony? What will people think? Will Muffin Man and I be able to keep it all together? Will my dad hate me forever after two weeks with all that us US? I mean two weeks with US is quite frankly...a lot of US.

I'm exhausted just from worrying.

Now, Monday morning comes along presenting parenting dilemma #172...do you tell your 4 year old that a Hep A shot is most probably in the cards or not?

I waited until she flat out asked me, "Mom, what are they going to do to me at the Dr.?"

Crap, I chose not to advertise but I sort of make it a point not to lie to her. I casually explained that I wasn't sure but she might need a shot to protect herself while traveling.

Let's just say the waterworks started and it was made very clear that a shot was not her idea of a good time. In the vertitable words of the Black Eyed Peas..."You don't want no drama...no drama mama."

I immediately launched into the "it does no good to worry about the things in life we have no control over speech". It is wasted energy, I explain to my doe eyed weeping 4 year old. Let's live in the moment I tell her, right now at this very minute cartoons are on and all is good, let's enjoy the moment. "We get nothing from worrying about theA future", I tell her as the Doodlebops sway in the background.

At that moment I stopped, she stopped and the unmade bed stopped spinning. Ahhh hah, wait who needs this speech? Who is the one who has been doing the real worrying in this house? Me. Obviously, I needed to hear someone say it.

Live in the moment. You only have now. Worry is fear. You have nothing to fear.

My baby endured 4 shots 1 hour later to make sure she is safe from disease on her long journey. She was brave, shedding a tear only at the end. She's a good example for me. We both marched out of that Dr.'s office wiping away tears. We are one step closer to peacefully meeting our baby.


Stacey Teague said...

we had a couple 3 and 4 year olds in our travel group. They were DONE with the whole thing after the first week, BUT, had a great time and we certainly enjoyed having them aruond. The thing I wuold suggest is make sure you bring foods she likes. Peanut butter, tortillas, cans of refried beans. Whatever she likes, bring it. I think the lack of "good" nutrition was getting to the kids....even Lucy's in Guangzhou isn't like "home".

Wendy said...

Poor Ava:( Evan in current on all his shots and even though I told him he won't need anymore until he's 12 he still insists on stressing over it. Just tonight he asked, "what's a booster, I don't need one do I?"

I hope Ava and Grandpa have a great experience in China with you.

Stephanie said...

What a good girl! I haven't yet mentioned to my daughter about her shots, but we have a ways to go...

Kristin said...

Poor girl... Jake and Jack were lucky in that they were current (they are older than Ava) and only Hugh and I had to have THE SHOTS.

Colleen said...

Oh yes, the shots. Olivia only needed one but it was high drama on the way there and while it was happening. When we got home she firmly explained to her playmates "I had to do it to go get my sister".