Saturday, July 15, 2006

Calling All Guangdong Families

Apparently there is some whoohaa circulating around that any family adopting from Guangdong Province (that is us) and who will be traveling to Guangdong Province after August 1, 2006 (that is us) will be required to stay an extra 5 days in Province since processing the passport and visa is no longer possible simultaneously. Come on. Really?

Yes, really. In an unprecidented move the Chinese Government has shouted RALLY and seems to be interested in studying the art of science of efficient organizational work flow habits, a 5 day seminar taught by the United States Government. Prior Six Sigma or Project Management Institute (PMI), designations optional for this week long retreat.

This could make the trip closer to three weeks rather than 2 weeks? Come on. Really?

Yes really.

I know that roughing it at the White Swan is not really roughing it...unless you count the part where 4 weeks later you open the Master Card statement, but I am going to go on record that I am not pleased. Muffin Man is not pleased, although seems to be rolling with the punches. This is scarily a-typical for those of you who know and love the Muffin Man. He can be notoriously Type-A.

When I casually dropped this bomb on my dad (who has signed on to be the designated official playmate for all 4 year olds also tagging along), he said "More time at the pool, with Ava Jing. No worries, I am retired."

Uh huh.

Are they looking for a family to break the official record for most money spent on Shaiman Island purchasing silk jammy sets and granite stone carvings? (If you know us personally, now would be areally good time to place your China import order. Be specific, I'm frazzled.)

Apparently we will be first in line trying to break the dubious shopping record with a possible 12-13 days in Guangdong Province + 2-3 in Beijing.

Perhaps there will be a Six Sigma master manager who thinks this as ridiculous as I do and pulls the plug before Aug. 1 2006.

If not what the heck, I'd probably fly to the North Pole to visit Mr. and Mrs. Claus if I thought I could meet my baby and bring her home safely.


Johnny said...

Skip Beijing! What? Okay the duck there is excellent, but....

Okay, I may take back my statement about "lucky dogs" getting Guangdong referrals.

Let's see what is good about the White Swan?

Overpriced food in the hotel? No.
Beds hard as granite? No.
Elevator monitors constantly jumping ahead of you to push the buttons? No.

Next to the river so that there's mostly a breeze? Yes
English spoken by most all the hawkers of goods? Yes (and no)
The two pools well maintained? Yes
Seemingly hundreds of other adoptive couples there? Yes

Well, you got no choice I suppose. An random edict is a random edict.

Space Mom said...

What the hell is up with Siz Sigma anyway? It's all the rage at work too.

Sorry about the extra stay

lisa said...

You're killing me, you, your husband or someone you know must work for one of the major corporations to use 'Six Sigma' so often in a blog! I'm wondering whear!!! Each of the 3 corporations I've worked for trained everyone in it... now I'm wondering!

Anyway, on to more important things, make the best of the time you're there, maybe you can get in some excursions, and by all means, don't skip beijing!

catbertie said...

To be honest, an extra five days in Guangzhou with our adoption 2 years ago would have been a Godsend! We were in China a total of 9 days that including our stint in Beijing. Yup, you'll be ready to come home for sure but try to realize the blessing this truely will be if it is true.

Perrin said...

Yes, in a previous life I worked at the biggest of blue color corporations and then did some consulting for a while before we met Ava. Both jobs included heavy emphasis on process improvement and project management efficiency.

Now, can someone tell me how this will help me when I am out numbered by two short people hanging on my leg while trying to do laundry and empty the dishwash at the same time?

Stephanie V said...

12 - 13? Is that what your agency said? Mine is saying 17 - 18 WITHOUT BEIJING!

We decided not to do the Beijing tourist stuff (and I'm so bummed, so very-very bummed) because it took the trip to 3 weeks. In the beginning, before we were somewhat screwed by this new requirement, we were going to do Hong Kong too. I'm so disappointed.

I asked our agency if we could travel to Beijing during the wait and they said "Nope". How about taking the train to Hong Kong, "Nope". We can't leave the province until our wee one gets her passport at the end of the trip.


I'm a little miffed.

Exactly how many squeeky shoes can one shop for?

T-shaped Girl said...

Hmmm, that's a long time to be onj Shamian Island. And I for one was not a fan of Shamian.

We did take one day trip that I really enjoyed- to WHite Cloud Mountain. It was the cleanest spot in all of Guangzhou. There is a temple and a park- excellent for 4-year old girls to run around in.

On the bright side,you get maid service DAILY. Here's to daily maid service!!

Tracy said...

ugh. i was so ready to come home after 10 or so days at the WS. It gets a bit boring. Like Steph said there are only so many sqeaky shoes. Day trips would be a great idea, maybe y'all can do that?