Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bottom of the 7th, Change The Line Up

We have news. We've changed the China lineup. I've had 18 months to think about how exactly this trip would play out and here I am searching the bottom of the Disney backpack for passports at 3pm today swearing like a sailor when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.
And I wonder why my child doesn't have perfect elocution manners.

These pictures, which were not staged by the way, sort of sum it up.

Here we have baby Olivia's nursery. Also known now as packfest docking station #1. One giant obnoxious ladybugesque suitcase, check. One Nissan bullet thermos, check. Massive amounts of junk in no particular order, check.

You didn't look closely enough, there is one more thing going to China.

While googling frantically this afternoon on how to get my hot little hands on a 10lb. or less stroller that would accomodate a 4 year old I hear, " I'm stuck in Livi's suitcase."

I casually stroll into the nursery to find this. One stowaway. Ran for the camera and it's official, she's going.

I know you must be thinking I am completely and absolutely nuts, or on drugs, or gluttonous for punishment, or the largest spineless sap known to exist in the 21st Century...taking a high strung back talking 4 year old around the world to experience sibling rivalry in a 23 sq. foot room for 2 weeks in a communist country where we don't speak the language. Throw in must show up for gov't appts. on time with a smile on our faces for good measure. Well, yes it appears I am all of those things. Except for the drugs, I can't seem to find a Dr. to prescribe the good stuff I would like. So that leaves me with gluttonous and nuts. I think there is something riding casually on my 2nd X chromosome that suggests, "Ideal candidate for anxiety producing descions which may or may not cause loud head banging and skreeching at spouse."

All kidding aside sort of, it only took one short session of my emotionally challenged 4 year old to tell me that she was having dreams of being left behind for good at Grandma and Grandpa's for me to turn the tables and stick her in the China Line Up. (Although, being left at Grandma and Grandpa's house for good never hurt her uncle and I. And for the record they give out ice cream these days. This was part of the 1990's improvement plan at Casa de Grands, they also got cable.)

Of course, this little knee jerk 11th hour idea has been brought to you in most part by Grandpa. His name is Frank and he will probably be mentioned at the Vatican by Pope Benedict for agreeing to sign up for operation Take Care Of Ava's Needs While In China. Hopefully this will mostly include water saturation at the White Swan Pool in Guangzhou. We can only hope for the best.

In the end, I'm somewhat ver'clempt and still all the while anxious. Yet, she will be with us, her forever family when we meet the newest member of the forever family. I guess that is what forever means here.

Does anyone know how to score some serious anti-anxiety meds?


Colleen said...

Well if you're crazy then I'm right there with you as I will have our 5 year old as a stow-away. Hey, it will be a good lesson in patience........especially the flight home, right?

Good luck with the packing.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

I'll send the meds right over honey. How much do you need? :-)

Good luck with the packing! Do you need an advance copy of my packing list to laugh over?

Michelle said...

My sister took my three and a half year old nephew with them when they went to China for my niece. Even though he wasn't the best behaved child while they were there, I do believe it helped him to bond with his sister easier. How excited you all must be!

Gracencameronsmomy said...

He was barely 3, he turned 3 while ther. It was hard, but worth it!Are the meds for you, or her?:)
Try the Chicco caddy for a lightweight stroller, my son was the size of a 4 year old at 3...good luck!

Johnny said...

Excellent! We plan on taking our gal, so of course I think this is a brilliant plan! And Frank going along, excellent too! We've enlisted a cousin to come along with us. Can't have too many arms to help out.

Stephanie said...

We will be taking our daughter (who will be five at the time) to China also. To be honest, even though she probably won't remember all that much, I want her to have the experience of being there when we get her sister.

The Belanich's said...

WOW! what a change!! We will be praying for you!! I was counting on your tips of keeping a child home. Seriously, that is wonderful.

Sandy B

Anonymous said...

This post makes me feel all that much better about taking my child to China with me. She'll be 5 and if she isn't any better behaved by then I might as well just get used to it.

Space Mom said...

A 4 year old in China can't be any worse than a 3 year old in Hawaii.

You can do this and I think it will help in the sibling department because now Ava will have been there when Olivia became her sister.

That's as important to her as Olivia becoming you daughter is to you!

Good luck

Kristin said...

I think it is a good choice to take Ava... it is a family thing. We took the boys and my mom and really, watching them meet Eva was almost more love than I could bear... almost.

Happy packing!

Heather said...

One family in our travel group had their 3.5 year old daughter (also adopted from China) with them. She did great. She really matured in many ways, although she also regressed a bit at times. And don't worry. She didn't take her sibling rivelry out on her own sister. Instead she decided that OUR daughter would be her test case to see how much torture she could get away with. She liked to see how hard she could pinch N before she would cry. Typical new big sister stuff. So you just have to prepare A to pick on someone else's kid and all will be fine.

K. said...

Hi there! My name is Kerrie and I came across your journal and just love reading it. My husband and I are just starting the process ourselves, and I love reading about others who are further along than we are! I hope you don't mind me creating a link to your journal on my page so I can continue to read about your life and your wonderful journey to your second daughter! Many best wishes!

Wicked Witch said...

If she is under the 45 pound limit, I say, let her fly cargo!

tp said...

Good! Wholehearted support for your decision. We took all of our children on both adoption trips. First trip, 12,9 and 4. Second trip,15,12,7 and three to adopt our 18 mo. old son. You will not regret it!

K. said...

Hi- Thanks for your comment in my blog. To answer your question, we are not from Philadelphia- we are about two hours north- Poconos region. We do travel there often, though, and love it there. We have selected a home study agency from Philadelphia as well.

I am so excited to follow your trip! Happy "getting ready time!"

Michele said...

I brought my then 3 1/2 year old daugher (4 now) to China with me 6 months ago to adopt my 2nd daughter. You will be fine and the trip will be all the more meaningful having both of your children there with you when Olivia becomes a part of your forever family. Especially since you will be in Guangzhou the whole time. Be prepared though, if you are staying at the White Swan, they switched the floors that they put the adopting families in and the rooms are teeny tiny unless you get a suite!!! The rooms were great when we went in 2003, they were slightly larger than closets in 2005 LOL.

Have a wonderful trip


Ed and Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! Well... it will make your trip all that more exciting right?? It will be great and she gets to meet her baby sister when you do! She will always remember this.. maybe not every detail but she will remember some of it and that's priceless!

Lisa :)

Tracee said...

Please please please let me know if you find a stroller...I made Lilly sit in EVERY one at BRUS and she was too big for everyone of them! I might just have to fold her in half and strap her in one though...can't imagine taking her to China without something...