Saturday, September 24, 2005

She's going to swim the seas

It's official. Ava has decided to be a mermaid for Halloween this year. You'd have thought that we were going to get something like world peace or something, with how hard this decision was and how much negotiating we had to do. Last year she opened a catalogue and said "I will be that cat." And she was the cutest pink and black cat there ever was. I was pleased as punch when I saved myself $25.00 by making the costume here at home.

This She labored. I tried to stay out if it at first, then when I got a little worried that she might choose this yucky Bratz thing. I'm sorry but no child needs encouragment to be something called a Brat. I started to panic. I suggested the craziest things like Freudian Slip, it was over her 3 year old head. Dalmation? "Not good mom." She offered, "Cheerio". I thought that was wonderfully creative. But the flashy sparkly mermaid possibilty just plain old won out. As we were driving to the fabric store she was still suggesting a chocolate chip cookie. I had to draw the line. If I was going to march into a very crowded Joann Fabrics with 6 coupons in hand, preparing to toil away over pink and green sequins and tulle she'd better be resigned to this mermaid idea.

So far so good. I can only hope she is pleased with the final decision. I admit I added a little more sparkle and bling to the fabric selection for insurance. Oh and I have to hope it will be 75 degrees outside Oct. 31st since it is very light and flimsy. Not likely. More mermaid updates later.

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