Thursday, September 22, 2005

Business Girl

I have had the opportunity to play business girl this week. I used to really be business girl pre- Ava of course. So how does the preschool mom who makes halloween costumes, cleans her own toilets, and meets the neighbors kids at the bus when they are busy at a meeting suddenly become business girl overnight?

Here's how...volunteer. I volunteer with Ava's heritage organization Families With Children From China. We are a bunch of adoptive parents who want to educate our children about Chinese heritage. Well, as much as a bunch of mostly caucasian mid-westerners can at least. We also fund raise for children who are left behind in China as well as try to subsidize educational and social events here locally at FCC. Blah blah blah...

Now, business girl. I have taken on this little role where I am selling our fund raising calendar (pictures of our adorable kids by the way) to vendors around the country so that they can re-sell at a profit. Now by vendors I do not mean the setting up a table at the local Kroger, thank you very much. No, we are selling to vendors all over the country. We have pre-sold almost everything! All money made goes to Chinese children's charities. We only subtract printing costs and a professional graphic designer. No other overhead.

I am really wearing my business girl hat here, big rush. Of course my daughter, you know my real full time job, is parked in front of a Barney DVD but that's another story. I have been forecasting sales, reading spread sheets, schmoosing clients, documenting for next years sales effort and pounding away on my little $3.00 calculator...which by the way is all I can really mathmatically handle.

Ahhh, every stay at home mommy really needs a "perhaps I am competant at more than separating the colors of playdoh" day like today. Pardon me, I must check my email to see if my NYC client wants to pre-order 1000 more calendars at wholesale. Oh yeah and my husband just asked what's for dinner too. I guess every business girl needs a reality check now and then.

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Sally said...

from one used to be buisness girl to the next, it sounds like your doing a great job and for a good cause. Keep up the good work!