Friday, September 30, 2005

Mama's New Pants

It occured to me today as I was popping onto my local Old Navy that every time I enter a store, no matter what kind of store, I end up looking for kid stuff. I used to have this gift for smelling out exactly where the red line itemed clearance size 10 shoes were in stores regardless if I had ever even been there before. I could zero in on well made but affordable jackets with long sleeves to fit my monkey length arms. I haven't done this in over 3 years! Until today I had lost my mojo.

Now, before today I was down but not out. My 6th sense for discount hosiery and matching necklace/earring sets was replaced with an even better 7th sense for super cute little girls clothes. For the last three years I have been reveling in Hanna Andersson clearances, Gymboree closeouts and Baby Gap practical give aways. I never pay retail, it is a mantra second only to my favorite serenity prayer.

But today, I hit the wall. No more pink fleece, no more socks with lace ruffles. Mama needs a new pair of pants. I cannot stomach the thought of wearing the same pair of jeans and green khakis that I did all last winter. Last winter I thought this was the greatest, no frills no fuss no muss. When Ava spilled the juice du jour on me they simple went into the washer for the 150th time. I'm not sure why I've become Miss Chatalaine. (Couldn't resist, I love KD Lang.) Perhaps it is my impending adoption of kidlet #2 and knowing that mommyville round two is right around the corner. Better get, while the gettin's good.

Old Navy was there today to heal the "just a mom" blues with retail therapy. I quickly snatched up a pair of blue khakis (I admit...not that much different than last year's green ones.) But there is nothing like something new to give a girl a lift. Of course they were too short, I am over 6 feet tall. I was a mom with a child in preschool for the morning and nothing could ruin my creative exuberance. I have found there is nothing like a cranky 3 year old to dim creative ideas and follow through. I will simply extend them with cool decorated cuffs, I thought. Off to Hancock Fabric. The planets aligned..I must have been a seamstress of some sort or another in a previous life because 2 hours later I had cute cuffs!

ok ok..I do admit that I simply could not exit the store without the pink fleece hat and mits set for my soon to be chilly peanut. But that's it, no more kid stuff...for today at least.

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