Thursday, September 08, 2005

She Went To Preschool

It is now the second day of preschool for Ava. I am posting her first day picture. She was so excited about preschool she could hardly contain herself. She practically bounced all way while we walked the 150 steps next door to the church/school. She was only temporarily sidetracked by the fact that her friend Alyssa broke her collar bone and could not come to school. Oh, those crocodile tears almost made ME lose it. Ava rebounded faster than I did...she saw the paints on the table and said, "I'll be ok Mom, you can go now that you showed me where the potty is."

I left her painting next to a blond cherub named Annabelle. (I was later informed that Annabelle has yellow hair and she was wearing the prettiest pink striped dress and she is now the newest preschool friend.) Ahhh, all is well at preschool.

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