Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rhinoceraus Tap

If there is anyone out there in the world who has not personally witnessed 3 year old little girls in a tap dancing are missing the time of your life. Just when you feel bogged down by all of the stories of people who are homeless due to natural disasters and newspaper articles of children being abused in record numbers and politicians sniping at each other like hyenas who haven't eaten in a few days...there is always kiddy tap dancing to lighten the mood.

First, all three year old girls enrolled in tap dancing lessons have to have some sort of requisite pastel leotard with matching frilly tulle skirt that barely covers the baby sized bum. I say enjoy it now ladies this is the last time this outfit will be belly achingly cute on anyone! Then add lacy socks or matching tights under the shiny black patent leather mary jane shoes...well that is a fashion statement. For those who are already displaying a Stella McCartney sense of style...well matching pig tails with big hair bows is a must!

All this runway"esque" before the "tap dancing" even begins. Teacher (who by the way has opted to skip the short tulle skirt, imagine that) starts by lining the Cyd Sharise wanna be's up and showing them how to shuffle on one foot. Talk about the cart before the horse, some of these kids haven't yet mastered standing on one foot never mind shuffling gracefully. Hilariousness ensues as 2 in the line completely wipe out. (Floor was a little slippery.) I am proud to announce that my little Gregory Hines is NOT one of the graceful ones to wipe out..she did that before entering class immediately after doning the shoes only in front of me. Whew!

We tired unshowered mom's (we are mostly the stay at home set after all) are rewarded with an adorable and not all together horrible little dance line number. We truthfully admit that the mom's probably couldn't have done much better. We certainly couldn't carry off the outfits as well that's for sure.

On the way home we keep the momentum by listening to Rhinoceraus Tap on cd. There is just something about coming home from a kiddy tap dancing lesson and then having to listen to a silly song about Rhinos tap dancing that well...makes you want to take her again next week.

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