Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Projects Galore

Ha! Binkie clips.  Wow, Ava (my eight year old) and I could have used these circa 2002 and 2003 when she had a serious addiction to her pacifier.  She called it her nuk, and simply would not leave home or sleep without it.  We are over the nuk, here at Pink Evita home but these darling little Binkie Clips are headed out in a wholesale order.  You simply must go see Basket Pizazz if you are in the central Indiana area.  Sherri, the owner will make any sort of gift basket you would like and ship it anywhere for you while you simply walk around her shop picking out items for your basket.  You can choose any dollar amount you would like, including the shipping costs and Sherri will make some sort of basket work for any budget...love THAT.  I've done it several times.  Hopefully these clips will make some mommy and baby addicted to the binkie very happy!

In other news the sewing room is smokin'.  Sew much use.  I have another big show coming up.  St. Luke's Holiday Bazaar.  It might be their 30th year?  Don't quote me on that but it is a big holiday handcrafted show here in town that's been around for decades.  It's my first year as a vendor there.  Come see me.  My mom is going to help me at the show.  Can't wait.  See my side bar for the address and grab a friend and come see all the goodies at the St. Luke's Holiday Bazaar 2010.  I'm ordering boxed lunches to be booth delivered as we speak.  :)  Oh, they are having a bake sale too.  Seriously, baked goods made by nice Methodist ladies...why would you miss out? 

Oh yes, and that little binkie addicted baby I mentioned?  Yes, she's all big and growing up.  Sniff.  She's in the school play.  She's a dwarf...as in Snow White and.... Snow White's mom was in a costume predicament and I offered to make the dress.  It's a gown really.  Why would I do that during my busiest time of the year?  Insanity.  And I just wanted to see if I could.  I really didn't know whether I could make a gown that would really fit a super adorable and talented 10 year old.  Here it is so far.  Fitting is tonight.  I have a few fingers crossed that it will fit.  The skirt has been sewed to the bodice 2 times and the zipper has been in and out too many times for me to admit.  Stretch velvet and chiffon skirt overlay that can't be ironed = one huge headache and a few swear words tossed in to keep it real.  But it does sort of look like a Snow White gown doesn't it? 
Gotta run and finish a bunch of bibs to match those binkie clips.  I need 5 more hours each day...just until the end of November when I settle down and start to think about my own family's holiday season. 

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