Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Owlful Dress For Ava

My eight year old, Ava, found this ultra soft flannel fabric online this summer.  She absolutely fell in love with the little blue owls.  Admittedly, I tried to steer her towards something more contemporary and slightly less owl'ish.  She would have none of it and decided that the blue owls were a must have.  My kids seem to be developing this annoying little habit of having their own thoughts and ideas lately. 

I used this pattern.   I have several Little Lizard King patterns and absolutely love them.  No tissue paper, need I say more?  Only follow a grid and cut shapes to create your dress pieces. 

So, it's done.  And I loved making it for her.  But, it's not exactly my favorite dress I've ever made.  I'm not sure if I can get over the owls.  Not that I have anything personally against owls, they seem like a nice enough species, but I'm not feeling the love.

On a more positive little girl dress note, I do love making these little kid clothes.  What absolute ridiculous fun to design outfits for little girls.  Now I know where Hanna Andersson is coming from.  Matilda Jane, yea she's having a good time in life.

I'd like to be able to offer a few dresses at my fall shows coming up.  I'm hoping a sample or two in a few styles and some color choices might entice people to custom order for the little gal in their lives.   Perhaps the owls will look better on Ava with capri leggings and boots.  Here's to hoping.

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Angela said...

Hey Perrin, maybe Ava is a Kappa legacy in the making. Or maybe she is just wise beyond her years! I am seeing owls everywhere and I always think of Kappa and what a funny little mascot that was. The owl, the key and fleur-de-lis, they have all made a comeback! Hope this note finds you happy and healthy! Miss you much, think of you often!