Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Black and White For Fall

Ahhh, it's Friday night and I've completed a custom order that I have been working on all week. I had been planning these two bags as far as scale and the geometry involved (which admittedly is not my strong suit) long before I sat down to cut fabric.    I was asked to use a bit more leather than I usually work with.  As in the entire backside of the bags would be leather and it would fold around the bottom.  This is all fine except I had forgotten you can't iron or pin leather.  Pinning and ironing are my life.  I pin and iron everything.  Except velvet... which I learned the hard way why not.  email me if you think you can iron velvet, I'll save you a disaster, I promise.  So, now I don't pin or iron leather either.  Add it to the big list.

I'm done.  And I love them.  Love them so much I almost hate to see them fly out the door.  But they are spoken for.  And they are going to very good homes.  Which makes me happy.  And, of course I need to move on to the next custom order, which by the way is an Olivia the Pig backpack.  This will be a diversion from these sophisticated black and whites.  I'm envisioning a little ruffle action on the Olivia The Pig backpack.  Right now I'm still reveling the fact that I'm done with the Black and Whites For Fall.  

  Oh and I'm doing some thinking about the model of the business.  Doesn't that sound official and complicated?  It's not.  Simply put I'm just thinking about how I really want to work and what is the best outlet for me as far as sales.  Internet?  Art Shows?  Retail?  Hmmm....positives to all.  Challenges to all as well, let's be honest.  So today I climbed a huge hurdle and went searching for another few retail stores that might be a fit for my items.  I strapped on my big girl panties and actually approached two retailers. Both said they would be interested in speaking with me.  This is not huge sales mind you but it wasn't "we aren't interested either".  So, It's up to me to follow through and develop a few samples to show shop owners.  Nerve wracking I know. 

So, between my black and white totes and my trip down Main Street.  It's been a fine week.  Now it is time for a glass of vino and spaghetti chicken.

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Stacia said...

I like this new avenue, and congrats on your Main Street courage!