Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Christmas and A School Play

Here are the Christmas dresses I mentioned yesterday.  It is sort of dress central around here right now.  They were ordered for a pair of sisters.  I hope they have a very Christmas'y event to attend next month.  Maybe Santa would like to see them in their dresses?  So, off they go to be delivered in one of the first neatly wrapped packages of the season tomorrow. 

In other news Snow White has taken over the house.  Yes, the Snow White.  Ava's school is performing Snow White this week. It has been 9 weeks of practicing everyday after school for the main cast.  There are no less than 136 kids performing in this play.  Ava landed a coveted role as a dwarf, as in Snow White and the 7. The kids all had to audition with a solo for this play, can you believe that?  We are one grade school only a 1/2 step from the Great White Way it seems. 
   Ava is on the left posing with two other delightfully adorable dwarfs.  She knows 2 hours worth of dialogue and a huge handful of songs by heart.  She told me in complete confidence that she thinks she should be Snow White's understudy.  I thought this was a rather Soprano'esque statement for a little dwarf third grader but apparently she's thinking big for next year. 
Can you imagine the massive amounts of kidly chaos with dress rehearsals full of 136 kids?  As complete gluttons, Olivia and I are headed back over to the school for the first full performance tonight.  Then tomorrow it is another round for the all school performance and then Friday night?  Yes, of course yet another full performance.  I will have one very tired purple dwarf on my hands at the end of the week. 

Next week, we will be shopping for a full time agent in NYC.  I mean shopping for a turkey at the local market and spending lots of time in front of the Wii. 

Oh yeah, I made Snow White's costume!  Really, I did.  No, seriously I did.  It almost made me toss a sewing machine through a window but I did it.  And, no I'm sure the local community players won't be seeking my costume making skills. 

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Ani said...

Hi! I just received the 2 therapy bags I ordered through your etsy shop and they smell heavenly! They are hanging out in my closet until Christmas Eve, and I may rethink giving them away :-)
The dresses are adorable! Happy Thanksgiving.