Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My day and my back

Oh, my back feels old today. I rolled over this morning and heard a loud crack. Then the wind was almost knocked out of me as I attempted to move my arms, shooting pain. I groaned while attempting to slowly slink out of bed. I have no idea how I could have injured my back while laying on it...but I have. I wonder if this recent resurgence in back pain has something to do with wearing a 27lb. 2 year old several hours a day? Must ask chiropractor tomorrow about that.

After a very long, very hot shower in attempt at heavy duty hydrotherapy for my aching back I shuffled both children off to mom's morning out and kindergarten. Thank goodness for small favors if you have to have a bad back day....it is always best to have it on a day where 4 hours are carved out without kidlets mangling you.

I scooted off to two quilt shops looking for this. Retail therapy is a proven analgesic for physical pain. I found plenty of Michael Miller sock monkeys and Dick and Jane prints but no Chinese kids playing. Sad. I almost had to cave in on the sock monkeys...but then thought better of it and scooted on home to order it online. I'm not sure why I'm obsessed with this material right now and think that I absolutely will die if I don't get it. But I do. Regardless of what the old ladies at the quilt shop think, Michael Miller fabric rocks. One pre-historic blue haired gal sniffed as I asked for my prize. She said that most of "that novelty wear" was mixed in throughout the store and she had no idea how I could easily locate the Chinese kids material amongst the 10,000 bolts of calico prints. Fine, go cut some of that heinous country blue small print for the next gal. Does anyone helpful under the age of 83 work in fabric?

Once home I pacified myself with a baked potato, 2 advil, and her. This is Hopper San, or Hopper three in Mandarin circles. I finished her little yellow coat, added some white eyelash trim and she is ready to be picked up by her new Mommy. Someday she will belong to a little girl who had a 9/2006 LID China date. The best part about Hopper San is her lavender bead bling on the bottom of her underskirt. What bunny doesn't need a bit of bling? Ava said that she liked this Hopper better than her original Hopper...she suggested a trade. Ugh, sorry babe.

Next up on this rainy day?

Green polka dots sheets that will be transformed into a duvet cover for Ava's bed. This is a project that I have been putting off for over a year. She has the best warm down comforter with no duvet cover. It will be ruined sooner or later if I don't cover it. I found the sheets at Target on clearance, for less than I could have purchased material. Of course bonus pillow cases already come made up when you convert sheets to duvet covers.

I'll post bed pictures when there is a pretty duvet to photograph.

P.S. I ordered some made in Mexico oil cloth a few days ago for sturdy grocery bags. (Arrow down for story.) I'm waiting patiently for the UPS truck to deliver my oil cloth...think sunny yellow and bright purple florals? Very Mexican indeed. They will surely make grocery shopping much happier.

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Elaine said...

Novelty fabric rocks. Do you suppose they ship overseas? Hope the back gets better.