Monday, January 14, 2008

More About Hopper

Forgive this, the gratuitous post and promotion of my little business. I've had a few sweet comments about Ava's new BFF Hopper. I'd be happy to make Hopper's baby brother or sister for you if you'd like one. Easter is right around the corner right? Can you tell I am already emotionally and physically over the month of January, it is about 15 degrees here.

Of course, this was not the original reason for making Hopper. I never had any intention of making multiple Hoppers, but hey she is pretty darn cute and she makes Ava happy. Hmmmm...maybe she would make another little child happy too? Come to think of it, don't rabbits have a reputation for multiplying rather quickly? Maybe making Hopper friends would be good bunny karma.

Ava's Hopper has an underskirt, dress, and jacket complete with fuzzy red fringe and a button closure. All of which can be taken on and off during playtime. She also has a removable red bow tied around her head. (Ours is now underneath the playroom sofa cushion, go figure. I know this because I sat on it this morning while cleaning up spilled coffee, grrrr.)

If you would like a Hopper you could pick his/her colors. Including the colors for the clothes too, of course. This might be on the verge of too much personal information about Hopper...but I'll add delicately that I don't stuff Hopper too tightly because I want Hopper to be a well loved and used doll. Too much stuffing makes for an uptight bunny and who wants to snuggle up at night with a brick bunny? Just ask Ava, she prefers a floppy bunny.

Hopper and the outfit sell for $50.00 plus $5.00 to ship her anywhere you'd like. email me at if you are interested in a Hopper.

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OziMum said...

Geez! Hopper is alot bigger than I thougth she'd be! I thought she was only a little dolly!