Thursday, January 31, 2008

January has left the calendar

I have nothing officially against January. My daughter and my mother were born in this frosty month so, for that I am grateful. However, it does usually end up becoming the month that just will not end for me each year. Why is it that July has 31 days, just as January does but January seemingly drags for for what seems to me like about 50 days...where July just seems to slip through my fingers amongst glasses of backyard lemonade and hoola hooping kids?

So, in this the winter of my discontent, I've been trying to keep busy. Remember the Target clearance sheets?

They have become this.

A nice bright spring green addition if I don't say so myself.

Here is one cute little kid trying out the new duvet cover.

I've also been wishing away the chillies with mind over matter through fabric. I'm stalking the internet and quilt shops for only bright happy springy colors and lighter weights! Mind over matter...the weather man is predicting 4 inches of snow tonight.

Anyway, stop on over at Pink Evita to see some bright and colorful additions to take away the winter blahs.


Jboo said...

Feel exactly the same way about January -- good riddance!
Wow -- you are so talented -- what a beautiful duvet cover for your girl -- she looks a bit happy about it, eh! Hoping for good news from the groundhog on Saturday!

B-squared said...

I feel your January pain. I've already changed the calendars here to Feb, just to make me feel better. :-)
Duvet looks great, but not as bright and shiny as beautiful Miss Ava!
And those new totes on Pink Evita are awesome! Love the Chinese girls print. I hope someone buys them before I am tempted. My closet is already full of PE bags, so hubby might grouse at the arrival of another purse....but only if he knows, I suppose. ;-)

Beverly said...

love it. You are very talented.


Julie said...

Those are just DARLING! I love the whole bed. I so want a white iron bed when T gets a big girl bed.