Sunday, January 07, 2007

What I did on my winter vacation...

Today marks the end of a long winter's "vacation" for our family. Tomorrow Ava jumps back into preschool schedule complete with Chinese school next week, and of course since it is January and she has no new bruises, ice skating lessons also begin this week.

Because the Muffin Man will go back to work in full force tomorrow and Ava will dig out from the Power Ranger DVD tunnel she has built in the play room I am forced to come to grips with the fact hibernation must indeed end as well. In celebration of this event I feel the need to go over, for posterity's sake exactly what I did on my winter vacation.

1. Ate entire box of Trader Joes mini coffee mug chocolates that SIL sent all the way from CA.
2. Avoided slipping into skinny 501's like the plague, opting instead to see how many days in a row one housefrau could wear soy stained track pants. (I'm contacting the Guinness Book people tomorrow.)
3. Cooked a cake. Screwed up a cake. I touched base with party hostess who politely stated it was "good". Yeah right.
4. I changed exactly 4,000 dirty diapers. The little one has the cleanest damn colon ever!
5. Tended to no less than 62 very sick little stuffed animals. I don' know who thought the Vet Hospital toy would be a good idea for Christmas. I will get them next year.
6. Started fretting about 5th birthday party that is coming around the corner in 13 days. We are having the party here on the cul-de-sac this year and 15 5 year olds are invited. So far we have 8 yes responses and no NOs. I might go over the deep end. I will personally be in charge of teaching the hustle, the polka chicken dance and the Macarena to all 15 snot nosed munchkins at the same time. The house could cave if we reach 86,000 decibels of noise. Send xanax...with wine.
7. Sewed anything that wasn't nailed down, glued over, or oatmeal pasted. See new stuff over at Pink Evita.
8. Longed for real full time job that involves pay, preferably located in some dark little cubicle with a Dilbert like boss. Dreamt fondly of anything to escape the reality of my life and children who are off schedule and don't have enough to do! When does preschool start again?
9. Thanked my lucky stars that I don't have real paying job since we all know getting out of my red flannel jammies is JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN before noon on any given day.

Nine things...I did nine things in two whole weeks. It is surprisingly more than I anticipated before the official documentation began. Oh, I did massive quantities of laundry, 10, I did 10 things.


Kim said...

I have been lurking on your blog for a few weeks now and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am paperchasing for DD#1 right now (so close to being done I can taste it!!). My blog is Like you, I am a crafty person as well. I have a few things on but nothing is selling. I thought your Pink Evita blog was a great idea!! No posting fees, no percentages to pay anybody (can you tell I've done the ebay thing? Have you sold anything by using the blog? Do people email you when they want to purchase something? I would really be interested in your feedback.
Thanks so much. AND, your girls are gorgeous!!

Kim Y (really, really close to being done with the paperchase for Megan Jean)

atomic mama said...

So the hostess who said it was "good." Same one with pumpkins still out? I'm just sayin'...

nikki said...

Your vacation sounds a lot like my life -- minus the sewing. I am not at all crafty. I have told my friends about your wonderful stuff on Pink Evita. You are so talented!

Stefanie said...

I just wanted to say 'thanks' for your blog! You always write something that makes me laugh :) And we overworked and underappreciated moms can always use something to make us laugh!