Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Poncho Proud

I knitted a poncho! Five years ago I would have bet about $1000 those words in that order would never have come from my mouth. No, you did not take a quick time travel trip back to 1975. I really I did knit a poncho. I'm sort of poncho proud, so bear with. My dear sweet grandmother tried to teach me to knit about 65 times during my ill fated youth. May she rest in peace knowing a granddaughter has picked up the sticks.

This is a Bernat pattern. Holy cow did you know that there are TONS of free knitting patterns out there in the world? and yikes. As a sewing gal I have been used to scouring the stores for pattern bargains. Free patterns people, that is a reason to take up knitting in the first place.

The only problem with knitting good stuff with the patterns is that they are written in some from of cryptic archaic sanskrit. Apparently you must be willing to whore yourself out at secret underground knitting circles and beg for free translation into English from darling blue haired ladies.

So, Liv loves her little poncho and was dancing around the house in true catwalk form earlier today. Ava was slightly bent and has decided that the next knitting project will be a big girl poncho. She has decided to mix pink fluffy mohair with burgundy yarn. Quite an improvement from her outfit selection yesterday which included a peach sweater and burgundy sparkly pants with uncombed hair and orange socks to "match". (It is a battle I am officially no longer willing to fight. She's five, she wears whatever the heck she wants. But I reserve the right to document in pictures for showing boyfriends later in life.)

I'm starting the pink and burgundy fluffy big girl poncho tonight. Big party, left side of the couch. You are invited if you read knitting sanskrit.


Jamesons said...

Very cute!

Lisa~~ said...

You are just too darn crafty, very cute.

nikki said...

I'm a huge fan of ponchos myself.
Very, very impressive!

Jessi said...

I can read crocheting sanskrit - can I come to the party?

I'm digging the poncho. Very cute.

My 6-year-old is also very "creative" when it comes time to get dressed in the morning. Apparently wearing a completely contrasting skirt over pants is all the rage with the first graders this season.

Colleen said...

Oh my 5 year old puts together some ensembles that make me hope the teacher knows I had nothing to do with it!

The poncho rocks!

nikki said...

Let me know the next time you are visiting my fine city and maybe we can get the girls together for a dance party!

Lee-Anne said...

Ha! I'm impressed! It actually looks like a poncho... unlike my very poor knitting attempts!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, I love that poncho!

lisa said...

Great poncho! also has great free knit patterns-in English-and most of my local stitch and bitch groups have no blue hairs-though my grandfather taught me to knit and I have definitely learned a lot from knitters who have been at it from the cradle. Check yahoo or meetup for knitting circles in your area.