Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aunt Betty and Funky Deb

This is Funky Deb. She is the product of 1 glass of wine and a couple of gals in design mode tossing ribbons around the room like the Great Gatsby. In a flurry of gal pal creative energy she was designed. Oh and she is funky-licious.

The original Funky Deb is going to a good home, funky Deb's. Don't tell her but I have one more that I am dying to keep, but if someone will give her a good funky home....I will send her on her way.

Aunt Betty was out at a red hat convention when her formal living room with plastic covered sofa's met their match as a crazy lady weilding pinking shears tore into the place. Fluffy, the brown Siamese cat did nothing but sneer and wait for the litter box to be changed.

The end result...Aunt Betty's scalloped velvet carpet bag.

Wear her in good health. Her designer is just a touch less formal than Aunt Betty herself and she added blue beading and pink polka dotted ribbon to give Aunt Betty a touch of edgyness, which honestly she's always needed.

Email me if Pink Evita can send Aunt Betty to your formal living room.

1 comment:

atomic mama said...

You are good. And hilarious. I love your descriptions. And the bags, of course! Aunt Betty is a firecracker...