Tuesday, January 09, 2007

4 Months

Liv has been home 4 months. It is hard to remember a time when she wasn't part of us.
She has issues with compulsively climbing everything. She is smart enough to move small objects around the house to help her climb her next object but remains a women of few words.
She is an easy 31'' tall and has opened more door knobs than she has teeth. (Only 8 for the record.) She wants to ditch the high chair to sit at the kitchen table like her big sister but easily still needs 2 naps a day. She initiates peek-a-boo and laughs coyly when you play with her but still wants a bottle every night before bed.

She is a little kid who isn't sure whether she is ready to be a big toddler yet. Sometimes she is all baby, sometimes she appears to look more like a 2 1/2 year old. Liv often snuggles into our chests when she sits on our hip. She loves all three of us with abandon and trusts us completely. She has done a good job growing out her lawnmower incident haircut compliments of orphanage staff. Pig tails are in her imminent future.

I sometimes wish she would say more so I could gain insight into what she is thinking. And then her sister starts chattering away...I am reminded all baby talking in good due time.

She's one of us now, 4 months under her belt. She will turn 14 months old this Friday.

My heart continues to swell for this dear sweet soul. Glad to know you, baby Pink.


nikki said...

She is just darling and seems to be adjusting so nicely.
Happy 4 months, Liv!

nikki said...

She is just darling and seems to be adjusting so nicely.
Happy 4 months, Liv!

atomic mama said...

A girl in transition... good times!

B-squared said...

She's beautiful! Glad to hear things are going well. We are about to check off week #2 at home and doing pretty well...although a bedtime attitude seems in the making.
Perhaps a playdate in the future?
Happy New Year!
p.s. Love, love the brown moleskin bag!!