Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How 2 Coke Zero's Will Kick 3 People's Ass

I am d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g. Muffin man is on the road show selling widgets to midgets or something and I am wo-man-ing the front. Which for an energetic sprite like myself, is normally not that much of a dramatic problem. We do have Pinky-Dinky Doo here for just such mama is draggin' emergencies. The only thing is, kidlet number 1 easily glazes over with Pinky Dinky Doo...but kidlet number 2...not so much. (Go ahead and judge the crap out of me since yes she watches copious amounts of tv. But I am a good mother after all since I feel hugely guilty about it.)

About the Coke Zero

When my mom was here helping me drag my ass off the floor for that first week home from China that shall forever been known in history as "the brutal life sucking force that was not with me", she purchased some caffeine free diet coke. It's been sitting innocently in the garage ever since. In my whizz bang state of mind that seems to follow me from minute to minute these days I accidently forgot that ALL diet soda drinks are not caffeine free. Fine, I admit it I had two carmel colored beauties yesterday afternoon. Yes, I now 2 seems like a lot but shit, this mama gig to two sometimes kicks me in the butt and a 3pm Coke Zero is like nectar from the Gods. Have you had this Coke Zero? It is not your average Diet Coke junk...it is lovely.

Since there is 1/2 a case of caffeine free coke outside I sort of thought in my mind that this yummy coke free stuff was also caffeine free, otherwise known in my house as drink it until you puke without remorse. Apparently not. I was flying high at 1am. The body was exhausted, mind racing in the Indy 500, apparently that stuff just sends me through the roof. What a strange and horrible feeling. I figured out the whole caffeine business causing sleeplessness at approximately 12:37am.

So, then I started worrying about my exhaustion and patience level with the kids at about 1:15am. It is now 3:30pm the next day and I'm done. Ava is avoiding me like the plague and poor little Olivia is staring me down like a one-eyed wonder. Thank good someone in China thought to send me a napper because that is the only reason I might make it to 8pm. Oh yes, a personal and heartfelt thanks to the gang at Noggin too for making preschool television so great that my 4 year old will NOT step away without adult remote control intervention.

So how does one come down from a Coke Zero high that was still running at noon today? Chamomille tea? Oh forget it, come tonight I'm breaking into the chardonnay and following the kids to bed at 8.


Lee-Anne said...

I LOVE ZERO COKE or Coke Zero, or whatever the heck it's called!!! The stuff in the black can with red writing!!! Maybe that's why its so good? They took out the sugar and replaced it with copious amounts of caffine?!!!

Who'd shoot you down, over the TV comments? Truth be known as the mama's and papa's are hacking away at their computers, what are the kids doin? Watch'n TV!!!

Ruby Cate said...

I must be a weirdo then... I don't drink tonic, ever, (don't touch anything with high fructose corn syrup) and I only sit down to blog when Ruby's sound asleep. (be it for a nap or for the night.) Never when she's awake, that's Momma & Ruby time! *smile*

But I'm with everyone on the 'NOGGIN', genius approach to preschool television that teaches. I give it 4 thumbs up (mine & Ruby's) and 2 paws up! (Bear's)

Kristin said...

I have never tried Coke Zero and I am pretty certain, after reading this post, I shall avoid it like the plague.

And I also send out an AMEN to the wunderkids behing, Little Einsteins...I just love that June and her sassy dancing.

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