Monday, August 07, 2006

The Magic Touch Of Doom

Everything I touched today fizzled out, spontaneously combusted or slowly lost power dying a slow and painful electronic death. Of course I was toting my less than agreeable 4 year old along while speaking with the cable company and the router gal and the jelly beans for brains young'un at Best Buy. It was ever so delightful. "Mom, this is sooo boring." I heard for the 60th time on our journey to better home electronics before I swear my head spun a scary 180 degrees to ask her how old she was, 16? And a surly 16 at that.

My girl is not all that interested in why a mini dvd RAM should be ever so much more fabulous than a mini dvd -r for our trip to China in a few weeks. She is not appreciating that I am working very hard to insure that she and her sister have a homemade (but professional looking) movie complete with IZ's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow music and tactful sub-captions detailing their mystical journey together. Should I call it Sisters, The Beginning? Or wait for something even more pretentious to come to me? (She says dreamily.) When I'm dust, these two sisters better be tearfully watching this stupid movie I'm going to make for them each family day anniversary. If they don't I'm hopping out of the grave...and don't think I won't either.

I'm back up and running. The router is fixed, the tv has cable again, and the phone is ringing. Ahhhh, the sound of chaos. I still don't have the coveted mini dvd rams but I suppose there is tomorrow for that. I'm getting up early tomorrow to drag poor little miss "how boring" to Circuit City.

We will be outfitted electronically in China, even if I have to blow a gasket trying.

Don't think that I will heed the words of my sage-like mother who heard this today and said, "Oh gosh, don't you think this all seems a little complicated? Why not make it easy on yourself in China?"

Oh no, let's not do that.


Jacquie said...

Is it rude to delurk to give assvice about a camcorder? Actually, not so much assvice as just relaying what Circuit City Man talked us into. Told us to skip all the mini-dvd camcorders of all kinds and go straight to the ones that record on the hard drive. And then is it even ruder (is that a word?) to ask you to post what you find out because I'm electronically ignorant and still trying to figure the darn thing out? If either of these are rude, I apologize. Just delete me.

Space Mom said...

I love your little snarky 4 going on 16 year old. I have one too. can we upgrade to the 28 year old version when they get to 16 and "know" everything?


Good luck on your electronic journey!

Susan said...

We had one whole bag of nothing but electronics. I forgot my hairbrush but we had every electronic gadget we could think of plus three more :)

They talked us out of the mini-dvd camcorder - can't rember why something about software issues. Wish I had turned a deaf ear and bought one anyway.

Oh, and the comment? How hysterical. At least to those of us who have yet crossed into that realm.

Perrin said...


Not rude at all, I like the education. I learned today that using my mini dvds will be hard to get it to edit on my computer. Ugh, not the line panasonic was selling me! But The Circuit City guy was very nice and told me to try one more program on my PC that comes with Windows XP called Windows Movie Maker. I'll report back to see if it works.