Friday, August 11, 2006

Dear Terrorist

Dear Terrorists,

I know you probably weren't thinking about my personal need for liquid Benedryl on our forthcoming trip to China when you chose to unsuccessfully sneak deadly sparklers in hydrated bottle on a flight from London, you schmucks.

You see it was for my 4 year old who is accompanying us on the long ass international trip. Ok, she is not exactly doomed with smallish sinus cavities or anything it is just that an occasional small dosage of Benedryl for a non-sleeping cranky and somewhat vocal 4 year old can save a well intentioned parent from overdosing on illegally obtained vicodan in cases of extreme distress. An example of extreme distress would be up to and including all travel mates falling asleep and 4 year old daughter deciding it is time to throw the mother of all hissy fits complete with attempts to stab mother with a pencil while oudly schrieking the expletive she learned from Daddy last weekend.

If this RED alert travel thing you set into place is not lifted in less than 13 days I will readdress you using your given name complete with middle name extension.

Seat 23E


Traci said...

NOW I know why the travel agency switched us to China Southern Airlines at the last possible minute. And to think I was looking forward to traveling with Miss Ava Jing and Frank.


Gracencameronsmomy said...

Oh my god, I didn't even think of that!! No Benadryl? WHAT are you going to do??

Stephanie said...

Who knows, maybe she will surprise you and not even need the Benadryl! At least I hope so for your own sake.

We will be bring our daughter with us to China when we travel next year, so I am looking forward to see how it all went for you guys.

Space Mom said...

Call your ped. Explain and get a note from the doctor. They will let you on with the doctor's note. Bring a sealed bottle

Perrin said...

Thank you Spacemom...good idea calling our ped. is now on the list of pink post it note things to do.
I didn't even think of a dr.s note.

T-shaped Girl said...

Spacemom beat me to it. Get thee ped on the phone! GEt an Rx, a note, a amgic bottle- whatever it takes. No mother of a 4-year old should be expected to travel with the Benadryl.

Oh, the horror!

Anonymous said...

What about those fast melts?
I'm not sure about dosage w/ a 4yo, but it might be an option.

Robin said...

If I'm not mistaken, Dimetapp used to make their medication in the form of a lollipop. Dimetapp, if you look at the active ingredients is about the same as Benedryl. (Diphenhydramine HCl) You might ask your pharmacy if they still make such a thing.

Kristin said...

chewable benadryl... totally effective and totally allowable.