Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blood, Thick or Thin?

Olivia Xi GeGe - Yangxi, Guangdong

Ava Jing Tang - Yueyang, Hunan

The picture on the left is Liv on July 15, 2006 at Yangxi County SWI , Guangdong. She just turned 8 months old . The picture on the right is Ava August of 2002. In the photo she is about 7 months old. I have the picture on the left only by the grace of another adoptive family who visited Yangxi last month and took the time to photgraph as many babies in the room as possible. That is the work of adoption angels, no not freaky red thread garbage, just people who obviously care about someone other than themselves. People who know what it is like to have a baby, but not be able to see her or touch her for 8 weeks after you meet her on paper.

Here is the thing that is sort of freaking me out. Have you read about how the CCAA really reads the homestudies and looks at the pictures looking for a connection while matching? My girls were born in 2 different provinces almost 4 years apart. Ava, in Yueyang which is far north in Hunan. Liv in Guangdong and Southern Guangdong at that. But I gotta say they look a bit alike as babies.

It is almost like comparing Muffin Man's awesome thick head of Irish red curls and my um, propensity to see the good in folks? Fine, I have long legs but believe me they are nothing to write home about. Oh wait, but that would only be right if we had procreated using the old-fashioned method. These girlies are sisters of circumstance not dna. (They can thank us for that little detail later in life.)

Riding the couch last night I sat and reveled in my girls' loveliness. How sweet in spirit they seem in these photos. How much they seem willing to take on the world. My main man was quick to point out that they are NOT blood related, dare I suggest otherwise. I know I told him, that honestly never crossed my mind. It is just well, weird. Meant to be. I just want them to feel some sort of connection with each other that binds them for life. I want this bad, really bad. Who cares about blood? It is a soul connection that matters. Looking at them I see this, they look similar. They belong together.

Just gotta go get her.


Stephanie said...

They are just both beautiful! I cannot wait until my daughter becomes a big sister!

Space Mom said...

WOw, they do look alike!

Soon, my friend, soon!

Colleen said...

I agree they do look alike. And beauties you will be raising, true beauties.

I understand the soul connection though. I really, really hope my daughters have it too.

SBird said...

Such incredibly beautiful daughters you have! Yes, they do look alike. It's great that you were able to have someone get this photo to you. What a precious thing to have.

Anonymous said...

Will you travel to Yangxi? My brother and his wife recently adopted a GORGEOUS little girl from there, but they didn't get to visit the county. They would love some pictures, to show their daughter later, of the area where she was born.

Anonymous said...

Please email me. We just returned from Guangzhou on June 22. Our daughter is from Yangxi WI and we were not able to go there. (She travelled 4 hours to us in Guangzhou). If you are going to Yangxi I would love some pictures for her, especially the spot where she was found. Please contact me.