Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 4 In Guangzhou

It is our third day with the darling Miss Olivia. She is seriously studying us a little less and casually flows from one family member's arms to another. She is quicker to smile at the adults, of course Ava gets a small giggle each time she does a dance and claps her hands and says "Olivia" in her sing song voice. Olivia's big eyes get enormous when she is looking at what her sister is doing. Ava is doing very well with sharing the attention but then there are three adults sharing responsibility for making sure she gets ice cream and daily trips to the fabulous resort pool. Unlimited Chinese cartoons and Guangzhou's version of American Idol is helping too. A little sibling rivalry will probably set in more solidly when Daddy goes back to work, Grandpa goes home and Mommy is doing laundry and changing diapers full time. Ahhh, the glamorous life.

We took a trip to a fancy shopping center today. I can now not even remember what it is like to look at a price tag and not to have to divide by eight. I've given up since we all know I was never the mathmatical wizard in any group. We have several more days here and I am scared that we might need an extra suitcase to bring home loot. The Muffin Man is a powerful shopper, it is his only girlie feature. I simply don't have the energy to state my case as to why the den in our house does not truly need Ultra Man displayed on a shelf, sad. So, we continue to buy out Shaiman Island...and it is only day four here. In more exciting shopping news Olivia is the proud owner of 5 pairs of squeaky shoes already. I'm hunting them down little leather mary janes in Ava's size to match.

The Chen Family Academy was also on the docket this morning. It was as lovely as it was four years ago when we were there the first time. Ava was a little unimpressed since they did not have ice cream as I sort illuded to before we got off the bus, a totally novice parenting move on my part. She pouted in 4 year old fashion and I walked the old building in awe of its grandeur.

Thank goodness the agency is holding our hand through the adoption proceedings since I don't even know what day of the week it is. More paperwork tomorrow afternoon as we work towards Olivia's Chinese passport and visa.

Many thanks for the bloggy comments they mean the world to us! More pictures in a flash assuming I can get them uploaded. Zaijian.

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Lee-Anne said...

I'm so bad! I just realised this morning, that you are probably in China...AND YOU ARE! So I'm catching up on the last 4 days of your trip!
So glad Olivia is settling in! Your girls are beautiful!