Friday, September 10, 2010

We Have A Deadline

Do you ever find yourself sort of flitting around not getting loads of work done until BAM, there is a deadline looming down like an anvil hanging from a thread above your head?  This is the definition of procrastination right?  Or attention deficit?  Or persistent refusal to plan accordingly and stick to that plan for fear it will stunt creative energy?  I resemble that one. 

The party is over, the pool is closed, the buzz rush that was summer has turned the leaves yellow.  Liv is back to school, and doing swimmingly I might add.  We all now know the entire song of 10 little dolphins, by heart. 

And me?  I must sit my fanny down and create some cool junk for fall.  I have committed to 6 shows this fall.  All before Nov. 30th.  Do I have fall inventory stocked and ready to go?  No.  Thus the persistent refusal comment. 

The last two custom pieces have been finished.  Now it is open sewing room season and I can create whatever the heck I'm inspired to sew together. 

I'll share, and then it is off to the sewing room to snuggle with a puggle and start designing something of substance.  
First up, fabric baskets for a professional organizer I met this summer.  If you are in need of some super professional organization around your neck of the woods contact Leslie.  Her client ordered some adorable polka dot baskets.  Did she order three in multiple sizes?  No, of course not the one on the right is the correct size and the ones on the left are trial prototypes.  That means I couldn't figure out the sizing until the third time.  Embarrassing, simple math and I don't always get along.  

Next up.  Another dress.  A Christmas dress at that.  It has a tulle crinoline to make it extra puffy.  Sweet.  Red taffeta with black velveteen polka dots.  I love making these dresses so much, no tissue patterns just fun geometric shapes that get serged together = sheer happiness in my sewing room. 

Everyone have a happy Friday and a delightful weekend.  Just as soon as I can create some fun fall items for the show tables, I'll share that too. 


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