Monday, September 20, 2010

Messenger Style

Here's a messenger bag I've been working on for fall.  I'm trying to come up with the perfect combination of functionality and style.  The messenger style bag is so convenient especially when on a day trip or you need hands free, for perhaps when your kids are making better use of your hands?  But, I've seen a lot of messenger style bags that are really large and ummm, not so pretty.

I can't take the credit for the fringe, I have a friend who I'm slipping slave wages to in exchange for a bit of help in the production room over here at Pink Evita.  She likes to cut and iron.  But out of no where she came up with putting the fringe on the flap!  I was skeptical to say the least.  In my mind fringe was for the top of tote style bags.    However, I love it.  Just a small bit of fringe on an otherwise functional bag.  Thank you to the mighty Colleen, whom I've now promoted to Creative Director.  (Yea, big title crappy pay.)

While Colleen has been dreaming up new and exciting designs, I've been running key fobs.  Wrist AND finger sizes.  Lots of them.  Enough to fill baskets for fall shows.  Aren't the colors pretty?  Oh, how I do love a full basket of COLOR. 

Gotta buzz, Liv and I are helping the Snow White Dancers over at Ava's school in preparation for the school play in November.  Right on, Liv and I play choreographer for 3rd graders. Watch out Alvin Ailey dancers. 

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Stacia said...

Diggin' the new style! Like how the fringe hangs and acts as a separator between the two patterns.