Sunday, August 22, 2010

Emily's Dress

My daughter Olivia has been invited to her first birthday party.  A birthday party where you go and there are games, and cake, and ice cream and other children...but mom drops you off for two hours.  Oh, I hope she will do it.  Depending on the day she wavers on whether she will go to the party without me.  I want her to go, I want her to enjoy friends and cake.  And, then I think...she's not quite 5 yet...what's the harm if I stay just one more time?  Olivia is my home girl.  She loves her room her dog, and her sister.  She has a little piece of velcro that seems to stick to the cul-de-sac.  She shows no sign of wanderlust. 

I asked her yesterday if she would like a special dress to give to Emily, the birthday girl.  She seemed very excited.  So, I spent a couple of hours making this dress for the darling and ever so feminine Emily.  Only, Liv doesn't seem too impressed.  Now she wants to present Emily with a baseball bat.  (Which I don't think Emily would really appreciate...the ever so feminine Emily.)  I made the dress, and Liv will have to arrive with it in hand, full of birthday wishes. 

Oh, I hope she decides she can muster all that is brave to attend the party because you know...preschool starts in a few weeks.  And they don't let mom stay at preschool, even if she does arrive with party dresses.