Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School

Ava started school this week.  No, you don't have to check your calendars for fear you lost the entire month of August.  School starts earlier and earlier here as the years pass.  Next year we expect to have a math test the night before 4th of July.  Here is our obligatory first day of school photo.  It is so hot and humid here that the camera wouldn't even cooperate, the graininess to the photo is the 135% humidity.  My sunglasses were fogged and the camera lens had a hot film permanently affixed as I tried to just get one photo in focus.  This all took place at 7:30am. 

Don't you love the American flag in the background?  Makes it look like a school photo doesn't it.  Remind me to thank the neighbors for that one. 

Down to one Number 2 child you'd think that I would be a hot mess of sewing madness right?  Wrong.  A hot mess, but not of sewing madness.  Unless you count the no less than six hours I have invested in this bag.  It has been completely made and wholly taken apart over and over again.  I'm not exactly sure why I couldn't get this one to come out perfectly.  Ugh, maybe distraction of a 4 year old tossing buttons around the room while I read instructions.  Maybe it is the puggle who is pooping on my floor since she doesn't like how hot it is outside.  In my next life I promise not to spoil my charges so that they retaliate against me when inconvenienced in any way. 

Does it look like a ladybug lives inside?  Would that be bad if it does?  Honestly, that never occurred to me when I suggested my client consider red polka dots with this black and while chenille fabric.  But, when my kids (and do not think it is lost on me that the name of the blog used to be twoladybugs) both screamed "Oh, it's a lady bug bag! Did you make it for us?"  Ummm, no.  It is supposed to be a sophisticated laptop bag for a working mother.  I'll report back on the final verdict. 

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