Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My New Favorite

I saw this magazine on a news stand rack last week and simply could not resist.
This pleated weekend sized bag was just too adorable to pass up despite my best attempts to simply step away from the rack.

It is made with a whole assortment of rectangles. Lots of rectangles and no pattern...just my favorite thing to do.

Here is my second attempt. The first one is a darling brown zebra stripe mixed with dark reds. I'm too lazy right now to snap a photo. But it will be going to my next show as well.

I've had this french blue toile for over a year, never seeming to be able to find the right companion to mix. It is the best feeling to finally find the proper home for some fabric that has been hogging precious shelf space for too long. I'm most happy with my fabrics when they are purchased and then immediately find a creative home making up something delicious then subsequently sold to a happy client. However, when you purchase completely on whim and intuition like I usually do, also known as not planning all that well...um, sometimes there are a few pieces that simply take longer to find their final destination. Thus the hogging up valuable shelf space issue. So here she is, blue french toile paired with blue and red wool houndstooth and an unexpected black and brown velvet flocking for the handles and decorative yo-yo. Topped off with a vintage button and I think she is ready to go somewhere overnight.

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