Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's About The Grub

I don't know if you've heard or not but our fair city is playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow night.
Oh, and how I wish that I was sitting out on the warm veranda in New Orleans as the coastal breezes brushed by. No, I'm in Indy snowed in under a fresh new and very wet 6" of snow. It is barely 20 degrees here and the children are now climbing ladders inside the house for amusement. Don't ask. I'm not bitter or anything.

The only thing to entertain me this weekend is well, football. In my book this is hard up, even if it is the super bowl. For those who know me in person know first hand that I usually take up my knitting while everyone else cheers on their team in my living room. And, believe me I've been duly chastised for the move. I laughed out loud once when the muffin man, in all sincerity suggested that I attend one of those wives and girl friends clinics the Colts have been known to host for lack luster gals who know nothing of the game. I in turn suggested he take a quilting class. He didn't talk to me for two days.

Oh, I'm happy to entertain friends and neighbors with crock pots full of pork bar-b-que, home made chicken wings and kick ass pots full of chili but as far as knowing a 2 point conversion from the likes of a 5 yard penalty, well I'm just not your gal. That is until this week when my gal pal L emailed me this. SNACK STADIUM

I'm all in now, sports fans. Call it a holy conversion. She has called me daily for the update on the shopping list to create such a HOLY SEVEN LAYER DIP SENT FROM THE GODS.

Apparently she's arriving with child and husband in tow an hour early at my house before the party so the assembly line can commence. Here is her rendition of pre-party wet your whistle action. Ok, other than the fact that her cat is now interested too I am decently aroused by the mixture of not only twinkies, cheese sticks but also Ho Ho's? Was that not the shopping cart of shame? All I can offer in return is blue curacao mixed with vodka and anything else that can be mixed with lemonade and marachino cherries with a spot of leftover gin from my 40th birthday party 7 months ago to boot.

Before I overdose on the crack on that table the night before the big night of food fest, I mean the super bowl. I must remember that I have also arranged homemade black bean soup, get it "Souper Bowl"?, asian meatballs, football shaped sour dough bread, lettuce wraps and blue icing'd brownies to be delivered to my house by 5:30pm tomorrow night. Schwing, those men in tight white pants could be braiding each other's hair for all I care. I'm getting Asian meatballs!

See, this weekend it's all about the grub.

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mimi's mommy said...

Can you show us your 7 layer dip recipe? Please?