Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Green Fabric Lost and Found

The fabric used to make these bags, until two days ago had been lost in my mess of a sewing room, for perhaps a year. This is a shameful admission isn't it? I bet I bought this fabric over 2 years ago after swooning over it in a now defunct local fabric house. I've had this niggling feeling since last summer that there was more of those wonderful green polka dots and Japanese style flowers hiding somewhere in the fabric chaos that makes up my sewing room/staging area/design center of a converted bedroom. It eluded me though, hiding cleverly amongst the stacks of reds and pinks.

Ha, clever no more that green stack of yumminess, I was overcome with happiness to find my neatly packed spring green pile of fabric cleverly hidden in between a mess of red toile and quilting cottons a few days ago. I immediately dropped everything and vowed to use it all up, pronto. Never to be lost again. See that little green polka dot key fob in the bottom of the picture? It was the very last scrap of 1 3/4" x 12" at the end of the bolt, and it made it onto the black webbing before it could scurry into a haystack of blue batiks.

It all looks so spring-like don't you think? I'm a bit "over" the extensive winter weather here if you can't tell. They are almost ready to be toted off to the new spring shows where I will be exhibiting starting next month. (see the side bar for specifics should you live in the Indianapolis area)

Perhaps I will go on a mission for that black and tan linen flocking I know I bought in '08. Admittedly it might be time to take a few minutes for some spring cleaning. Sad but true.


Lorie said...

those bags are beautiful!! I see another diaper bag in my future!

Erin said...

That is one serious looking machine! I almost killed mine the other day trying to sew through to many layers of home dec. I'm jealous!