Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Social Butterfly

Where are all these women coming from who have in their lives had the nerve to get themselves pregnant somewhere around the month of February or March and then have the little darling somewhere right around the holidays? Hmmm...where are you? Doesn't anyone get knocked up in July anymore? Well, if there are, Ava doesn't know them and isn't interested in their birthday parties.
So far, she's been invited to no less than 4 birthday parties this month. This, in addition to the Disney on Ice, Holiday show at the high school, neighborhood party and Lion King later this month. No wonder she fell asleep on the way home from the Brownie Troop holiday party yesterday after school.

If this keeps up I'm just going to have to write that school of hers a note saying there is absolutely no time for her to learn her 7's addition facts and well, that reading assignment is simply getting in the way of movies at the IMAX. That should go over well right?

I know we'll just get her a personal assistant and fly Paris Hilton in to consult on the finer aspects of gracious social management.

The Muffin Man and I? Not so much. Pretty much socially challenged these days. We like to go to the meat counter at the grocery for entertainment. Giddy up.

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Beverly said...

sad when your child has more social engagements than you. At least my child does at age 4.