Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Malls In December

It was off to the mall last night to see Santa. This was of course against my better judgement, since I have a rather stringent "Perrin steps foot in no malls in December" policy which I have been able to stick to quite nicely since Al Gore invented the internet. you very much for the free shipping!

However, this year the girls really wanted to see Santa. Or rather, Ava really wanted to make sure Santa knew she needs a Wii and little Olivia wants to make sure every single one of her teeth rots from her darling little head before Easter, so she's asking for candy, boat loads of it! This is important stuff that apparently cannot be placed into the competent hands of USPS. It is business done the old fashioned person, at the mall. Think vintage 1985.

Being a big white woman, taking two little adorable Chinese children to the mall dressed to the nines can of course bring a tad bit of attention our way. Admittedly, sometimes I'm a bit more in the mood for this than others. And, since I had very important meatloaf in the oven waiting to sit on my hips back on the cul-de-sac I suggested we simply go incognito this year and wear our comfies. Ava had other ideas. I know, you are shocked. Before I had threatened to drop a lump of coal into their stockings for the 30th time in retaliation for their sisterly quibbling...Ava had Olivia's best red velvet hand-me-down dress with matching tights and socially appropriate for a 3 year old turtle neck laid out on the bed. Livi declared, "I wear shiny shoes too." The rest is history. They dressed themselves in their finery, just so Santa would know Ava meant business about the whole Wii issue. When Ava brings out her beloved plaid skirted velveteen dress, recently inherited from her one-size-taller friend's closet, look out, deals will be made. Transactions will be processed.

Here they are waiting in line to see the big guy.

Of course I arrived at the mall with my Konica Minolta with super zoom in hand, only to be accosted by the sign saying something about please refrain from taking personal digital pictures until you have purchased the minimum photo requirement. Hmmmph. Have I ever mentioned that my favorite Christmas story is in fact the Grinch? But then, even my sour little heart swelled two sizes as Santa, donning a real white beard, greeted my excited children with a warm and hearty ho ho ho. "Come on up to Santa's lap", he bellowed. Not to spoil it for those of you willing to read to page 327, but we all know who sprung for the $17.99 for 2 5"x7"s right?

So, here is my personal digital picture after they had my debit card in their hot little white gloved elfy hands.

The original, taken by the elves, is remarkable similar. Ava, working the crowd assembled to see these adorable children on Santa's lap..and Livi...deer caught in the headlights.

Quite funny, if you know them in real life, or are as easily entertained as I am.

A few minutes later, after receiving their "it's a sure thing" candy canes, Ava stopped and pointed to the Christmas tree nicely decorated next to Santa. Guess what was left unwrapped under that tree?

A sign...a sign from God and Jesus and Mary too. Holy mother of electronic wonderment. Yes, this was left unwrapped under his tree. Yes, Virginia, errr ugh, Ava there is a Santa Claus.


Beverly said...

adorable. G won't sit on Santa's lap no way no how!!

B-squared said...

My, they are lovely! Keira won't get within 10 feet of an actual Santa, so no 2-kid photos for us.
As for the Wii, they are a blast, so come on Santa - give it up! ;-) Or Ava could always come over for playdates...
Ho ho ho!

erin said...

OMG, they are too cute! I love their finery. My Jill won't get anywhere near a Santa this year so no Santa pictures for us. Can't wait to see what Santa brings them...

Ranee said...

My Sydney always has the deer in headlights look on her face, either that or she jumps the gun with the candy cane and slobbers it out just as the photo is being taken. Goofy Santa photos are almost a tradition around here.

Don't even get me started on the Easter bunny!