Monday, December 15, 2008

Ballet Recital

Six months ago my baby would not unhinge herself from my neck long enough to do one tumble in a gymnastics class. We asked for a refund after the 2nd attempt at class. She was just petrified and couldn't bring herself to try those monkey swings and fun mats.

There were times when I wondered if she'd ever climb off my hip outside the house. Even my chiropractor suggested dislocating the 29lbs. of Olivia off my right hip in attempt to curb some lower back pain.

All good things come to those who wait.

This is Olivia immediately following her ballet recital today. All grins. From both of us. She loves it. I'm not sure what has prompted her wonderful turnaround and confidence to try something new without me in the room. I'm not questioning it, I'm simply signing her up for more ballet after Christmas. Oh, and tap too. She's giddy just talking about tap dancing and I haven't even climbed up in to the attic yet to fish around for some old tap shoes.

In the interest of full disclosure perhaps her darling friend E seen here in the black leotard, may have helped with the bravery issue. Yes, that's me in the background camera affixed to eye snapping pictures cursing my camera for it's inability to capture even the slightest movement of a three year old. Grrr... Do cameras go on sale after Christmas?

One more photo of the sugar plum fairy in the tiniest little leotard and skirt available.


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Diana said...

My Ava (4 years old) loves ballet, too. We've done ballet, gymnastics, Chinese dance, and music classes and she maintains that ballet is the best. Last semester at the rec center it was full, but I got her in for the spring starting in January. There is something magical about ballet for some girls and I think your Olivia and my Ava have discovered it :)

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B-squared said...

How cute. Glad Liv and E are having fun. It's fun to see them blossom, eh? Next year? Nutcracker. ;-)

Shelba said...

So, so sweet!!!!