Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Accounting 101

In the last 2 days I've spent about 5 hours trying to balance my hard drive version of MS Money to the online version of my bank's assessment of our local checking account. And, I'm approximately 1/2 way done. I'm only out of balance $130.00 for the record. But I still have 6 months left to go.

Why would anyone want or need to spend this much time on such a mundane project? Well, it appears that if you don't actually balance your checking account in 13 months...it might get a little out of whack. No really, it might, trust me.

Let me back up the rolling out of control financial train here by saying that I've been slightly aware all summer that I was perhaps minorly out of balance...a tad out of balance in my world is no need to panic and take drastic measures like printing off an online statement or anything. I really thought I had been sticking my fingers in my ears while singing la la la la taking the passive approach to cul-de-sac financial matters for approximately 3-4 months. The big old 13 months...well, that was a shocker...even to me.

How does one get this out of touch with reality? Well, I don't know in my world money is just not colorful and interesting. It is interesting when I have enough to hop on over to Target to buy whatever nonsense I need this week. In depth teachings from Suzy Orman and Alan Greenspan...not so much. I'm desperately trying to configure a way that I can blame my kids...because mostly that is the way I operate around here...poor me I'm so distracted by two little girls eating their weight in yogurt bars and Yogos. But I suppose that would be over the top even for me...I couldn't balance my checking account since I have 2 kids. Perhaps I will ultimately justify my lackadaisical behavior on the fact that I am truly a work at home mom now. My sewing room seems to foster the "life in a bubble" lifestyle I seem to relish. But then again, I do have several close friends who miraculously work 50+ hours a week, grocery shop, and have 2+ kids. But then again they don't have the Today show habit that I do. Points for me again.

Reading line by line what we spent at the grocery 8 months ago and reviewing online expenditures of $4.99 and below 10 1/2 months ago, is shall I say the true butt lashing I deserve for letting this go on so long.

Maybe I need a brownie to cheer me up. No wait, I don't want to have to balance that damn brownie $2.50 expenditure in the checking account in about another 13 months from now.


Chinazhoumom said...

Sister - let it go - I have not balanced my ckbook in years - of course I am that kinda person - an*al in some areas (most areas)- others (like balancing the ck book and folding underwear - what is the point!)
Good luck with it all!
c in FL

Shhhhhh .... it's a secret said...

We recently conducted an experiment in self control ... cash ONLY ... no debit cards either .. just cold hard cash. Let me tell you, when you start counting out money at the stores rather than swiping a piece of plastic ... you can hear the screeching halt at the stores!

Balance, schmalance ... hubby is the MBA. I can't be bothered by such things. I'm too busy being a taxcab .. hey, maybe I can get me a meter installed and start charging the kids out of their grandparent cash ...

Beverly said...

well if you are positive $130 then you are doing really well!

erin said...

Oh, how I love my Qu*cken program. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of a balanced checking account. It's worth the heartache of setting it up. OK, I'm a bit anal about this but I'd be bouncing checks right and left if I didn't use it---daily.

nikki said...

Oh wow, Perrin...good luck with all that.

By the way, your last post had me in stitches! It's strange how we can take a rather hellish experience and (with our wording) make it sound like a comical event. Well, I thought it was funny at least.
Good for you, mom. You stuck to your guns, and you didn't even stomp! I'm impressed.