Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1st Day of 1st

I did in fact attempt to take photos of my dear 1st grader on her 1st day of 1st grade, which happened this week. But, wouldn't you know it, perhaps it was because I was forced to recognize the un-godly hour of 6:30am...all the pictures I took were grim at best. Yes, this shot was the best of the lot.

Poor little kid has to get up at 6:30am to catch the bus at 7:25am. An unwelcome 25 minutes earlier than last year due to the headache inducing major construction project going on next door at our intersection of all American dream and how precious can one road project really get in this town. The one redeeming factor is that by December 1st this little road project which is giving me headaches from the constant day and night banging banging is that my kids might not ever have to take that 7:25am bus again since we are supposed to be getting some kick ass sidewalk out of the deal that leads directly to the elementary school.

So there she is...Ava is now officially a 1st grader. She even had homework last night. Most of which required me to run around the house finding pictures of the family, trips to China, and summer vacations. She was in charge of writing the story to accompany each one. Olivia colored the kitchen table with markers while all this was going on. Seriously, how do large families do the homework thing without the little ones burning the joint down? Email me separately if you know the secret.

I'm thrilled she's thrilled with the whole school shebang, but I'm also ambling around the house a bit. Livi asks to go the pool about 6 times a day, it is closed during the week now and I'm just not sure what our schedule should be. It has dawned on me that I might pick up a broom and clean something around here, but I've resisted and the summer grime persists. Oh joy.

Remind me how I go through this usual 1-2 week funk when our schedules abruptly change each and every summer and fall. Change is not easy for me. I'm like the fish that got tossed out of the tank immediately before someone decides to pick me up and tosses me back into swim the pink coral and 6" castle. Where's Nemo?

Think about how I'll be all sunshine and roses when Livi starts preschool in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

First grade? Seriously? What is the deal with time marching on? I mean, just today, Olivia told me that my kisses don't fix boo-boos anymore; medicine does. She'd rather have a slather of cream than lips of love from her mommy.

Cute picture, by the way. First grade?

Traci said...

High five on the side walks. That will be awesome and you only have to wait until December, huh?

Your Ava is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could post a picture here of Miss Ava at our house three years ago or so. Such a different (so young!) looking little girl. I was just looking at it last night.

Here are some tips for the newbie-homework Mom:

1) Play dough. Don't panic! Do you still have that ultra deluxe 5 point restraint high chair sitting in the garage? Pull it out and tell Liv that it's her craft chair. Lock her in and put play dough, some of her plastic dishes, and (this is the clincher for the kid) some of YOUR dishes on her tray. She'll stay busy for a good 15-20 min.

2) Ask Liv if she'd like to "wash dishes". Put her in the new EXPENSIVE craft chair with a tupperware type bowl 1/3 full of soapy water. Put her play dishes in it along with any of your dishes that she used for item #1, a wash cloth and let her go at it. Should last 30 minutes easy.

Plan on cleaning up the floor when she's done. It's worth cleaning up a little soapy water on a hard surface floor.

If these two don't work then you are absolutely on your own. These are the two that I fall back on when I absolutely need her busy.

OH!! I almost forgot ~ put the matches on TOP of the cabinets in the kitchen. Lighters too. Okay, now your set.

Good Luck!