Monday, August 13, 2007

The State Fair

Wow, what a bunch of vegetarian optimists you are. Unfortunately they would not come within 6 feet of my lovely veggie tray. They are however munching on a dinner of garlic croutons and blueberries as I type this. Sadly enough croutons do not count as veggies even though they are married in some states. And another note: to Ava's new public school lunch room director: tater tots are NOT veggies. And for that matter neither is corn...but I would be willing to let the corn indiscretion slide should I have not seen the tater tot referenced in the Wednesday's veggie option.

Tomorrow is Ava's first day of Kindergarten at public school. As luck would have it we (ok, I) sweated it out all for not this summer waiting to see if they would have alternating day kindergarten so that I could send her to the arts and leisure program next door on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Kindy Gods are with Ava...she got in fine to both. Whew. Now all there is to fret about is her actually going. It is currently Kindergarten eve. She has been duly prepped with her teacher's name, for getting off the bus purposes, and the fact that she will select chicken fingers from the lunch line when she goes through. (Only after promising me that she will indeed eat the veggie side dish option as well.) Yes, I know I am a complete sucker and she will eat the chicken fingers, and the cookie and ditch the green beans since I am 6 degrees from ear shot at home screaming at Livi to get off the kitchen table.

I needed a kindergarten eve distraction today so I popped the twoladybugs into the car and headed straight for fried oreo cookie therapy at the state fair. It is a once a year indulgence I assure you. Yes, I also made a choice to eat a fried tenderloin for lunch as well. I swear I had never even heard of a fried tenderloin until moving to this state as an adult. The girls...they ate meat on a stick in the form of corn dog. Meat on a stick people...this state has some redeeming factors but really....meat on a stick.

What does one weepy, remember kindergarten eve, mother do at the state fair with two children 5 and under?

Ride ponies. Three dollars well spent. She grinned from ear to ear.

Next, we met up with some friends and headed off to the fishing pond. If you are five the Department of Natural Resources folks will teach you to catch fish. We are serious cul-de-sac people and if this kid is going to learn to fish for something other than what is in the Pepperidge Farm bag it must happen here on the annual pilgrimage to the State Fair.

See Ava in the purple tank top? I was pleased that she scored the hottie ranger sitting next to her. Believe me he was way more interested in teaching her to fish than any old tired momma.

It was immediately after this I decided to throw caution to the wind and eat that double sized tenderloin for lunch....being late thirties has its priviledges.

However, after Livi grabbed my tank top and gave a nice health tug the older gentleman in the yellow was quite attentive I might add.

And what was Livi doing during the festivities?

Squinting in the hot sun strapped to the stroller.

Poor thing has to watch her sister have all the fun. We took a vote and decided the blue gills would not appreciate Liv taking a dip.

The Hoola Hoop contest was next. Both girls seem to show natual talent and being a family member I felt I must withdraw from formal judging duties. This was immediately following the official meeting of Curious George. Yes, the real Curious George, or the one who tours State Fairs. I missed the photo op due to the fact that I was having an indepth discussion of our state's 529 college savings plan with the man running the booth. We got as far as 20% tax credit up to $5000 donation if I roll over from our current plan....and then I heard Livi squeal in utter delight at meeting George. Financial discussion over, don't ask.

We ended the day with a tour of the livestock barns. Yes, barn(s) that was plural. I've already explained that we are cul-de-sac girls. But even I was somewhat softened by the sight of these pink and brown piggies. Did you know they come in this delightful color combination? Me either.

Liv decided to climb the pen. Shocker. At some point I saw this strange woman rolling her eyes at me motioning to this shameful little Chinese kid. How dare she climb the piggy pen and where is her mother? She sheepishly (get the state fair pun?) walked away when I yet again expained to Liv that climbing in with the mother sow might not be in her best interest. Especially with the SOW BITES BEWARE sign hanging in front of the pen. It only took her a long few seconds to figure out who the mother of that Chinese heathen kid was.

So, a good time was had by all at the State Fair. We came, we saw, we ate fried stuff and we sweated. Then we got a lemon shake-up for the road.

Tomorrow....I will be the mother of a school age child. I will certainly blog through the tears and post embarassing getting on the bus pictures. Check back.


jaj said...

The first day of Kindergarten is a killer for Moms. The kiddos love it. Good luck tomorrow!

B-squared said...

Good luck to Ava on Day #1 (and you, too). I'm looking forward to the photos.
The State Fair? Oh yes, big fun. I myself am looking forward to a trip to the dairy barn for a large choc shake. Two years ago, we got some of those glares you spoke of. In our case, I let Q too close to a sheep; it bleated (is that the right term?) loudly in his face; he was shocked; then screamed at the top of his lungs while we tried to quietly retreat. Ah, memories...

Jennifer said...

Hi -
This is Jen, (you made those gorgeous Pink Evita's for my wedding back in July) just wishing you and Ava good luck tomorrow. It's going to be a great big adventure for both of you!

elizabeth said...

Your kids are so cute! I hope Ava loves Kingergarten and the day goes smoothly for everyone. I just about wet my pants laughing at your comment about the man in the yellow shirt being "attentive" =)

Here in MN, food on a stick is everywhere at the State Fair. Can't say I'm a fan. Have you seen deep fried candy bars on a stick? It's essentially a candy bar coated with corn dog batter...eewww!