Friday, August 24, 2007

All Prettied Up

I'm all prettied up, in bloggyland that is. In real life I am still sans under eye cover up, scary. The incredible Spacemom lent a hand and poof 24 hours later I am the proud owner of one original blog banner. The niftyiest thing is that the real twoladybugs do dance like that, facing each other hugging in some of their finest moments that is. Which reminds me...must take some pictures of them together. Many a xie xie coming your way, Spacemom.

We worked out a little barter deal. Tit for tat. Isn't barter the best? I swear I get the best stuff through barter. It seems so very civil and neighborly. If only Nordstrom's would feel the same way. I might be able to score these. My cousin pointed them out this weekend and we both simply swooned all moony eyed, we giggled like school girls and then had to move on.
Sad but true. She went to visit them a few days later, just to say hi. Now that is true love.

Speaking of spiffed up, Livi is having her speech assessed later today. I'm sort of hoping she qualifies for a bit of speech spiffing up due to the fact that she has taken to a slow high pitched whine when she can't get her point across. Otherwise known as I want DAT and you are not getting it for me! I am not a mother that does well with whining. Wine'ing, yes whine'ing, no.

I'll report later with how it goes. If she doesn't qualify I'm going to have to spend some seriously boring hours in front of the more advanced sign language dvd's. Hmmmmm....


Space Mom said...

You're welcome!

And I wish Nordstrom's would barter too, but I'll take the service that they provide. I admit to shopping there just to get the service! :)

Julie said...

The blog looks great and I LOVE those shoes, both in flats and heels... must see if I can find some around here!


Allison said...

Ooh, your blog looks so cute! I love it!

OziMum said...

Hmmm... I'm not so sure about the shoes, but I did fancy the "Bessette" pumps! Not that I'm a big high heel wearer - I think it's the "idea" of heels that I like!!!

New banner looks kick-a$$ retro! Pat on the back for Space Mom (and you!)

nikki said...

Hey Perrin!
Your blog is lookin' sweet...and I'm sure you are too! As far as the shoes go: Sarah Jessica Parker has a line of really cute ones at Steve and Barrys for really cheap that I think I MUST have!
How did it go with Liv's speech testing???