Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On Social Working

That's it we are done. We had the very last social worker visit for adoption extravaganza 2005-2007. Liv was perfectly cute and engaging throughout the whole meeting. She played happily in the playroom while the Muffin Man and I met with the social worker. Well, honestly social worker and I chatted incessantly and the Muffin Man sat dutifully in his chair not getting a word in edge wise.

I could not stop thinking about Ava's last social worker visit while we were chatting it up. It was much shorter since she absolutely would not sit still or play with the toys during the meeting. Liv is the type of kid who given a room full of toys will see fit to entertain herself for quite some time. It is a sanity saver in my opinion. Ava simply would not do this until she was well over 3 years old and still has to be threatened into self entertainment.

Social worker was delicate with us but did suggest another free state assessment of Liv's speech...or lack there of. No major worries, just keep in on the radar. Yes, I am aware that the 5 year old does speak for everyone including the 20 month old in the house. But then if they BOTH start speaking at me all day everyday what would I do? Kidding, sort of. I called the therapist and she will be here Friday to take our insurance info. Yes, they need their almighty big buck before sitting down with my silent climbing wonder.

I also mentioned the attachment stuff mentioned in my earlier post to Ms. social worker. (too lazy to link it, just scroll down a wee bit) She told me to follow my gut and speak with a developmental psychologist. Wouldn't you know the speech therapist can also send the developmental psychologist out from the state as well. Convenient. I get such peace of mind when I see a tax dollar working for me. Schwing.

In the interest of being a little more conscious of Liv's needs and strengths and all over person hood I've been carefully observing her while Ava is attending dance camp this week in the mornings. Wow, am I ever a nicer less shrill mother only attending to one life sucking but affectionately adorable short person. I mean of course I was probably at the top of my mothering game about 6 months before I met my first child, let's be honest but seriously Liv and I were cooking with oil this morning. We read books, we changed diapers with no kicking Mommy in the gut, we ate about 6 snacks. We both have a cold so we commiserated in front of a chocolate chip cookie. Real bonding happens when chocolate cookies are present.

It was a glimpse of what life might be like around here in another few weeks as the first bird flies the coop for the place where she will learn all she needs to know about life and lunches cost $1.85. The thought of such a life change is exhilarating and overpoweringly hideous all at the same time.

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Beverly said...

I was really worried about Glenys' lack of language and at her 2yearish check up the doctor told me to lay off that she hasn't heard the language that long (she had been home since 15 1/2 months). Then miraculously or sadly depending on your point of view, she started talking, a lot, all the time, from waking to when I fall asleep before her. But glad to hear you have your appts sched. already.