Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I'm not a real blue person either. Ye old twoladybugs is now blue...but it is there. Have I mentioned how happy I am that it is there? My god I am a geek. Unfortunately not a geek with perks...you see if you are a geek with perks you would know how to fix bloggy problems without having to stress for 2+ hours and know how to add a way cool bloggy banner. Have you seen all those people who have the coolest of coolest bloggy banners? I have banner lust. I'd rather have a fabulous banner than the pool boy on Desperate Housewives. Perhaps it is time for me to figure that one out. The banner that is, I couldn't give a rat's ass about the pool boy.

It shall be my mission, as soon as I have 1 hour to surf the net for a complete and well written tutorial explaining the finer points of blog banners. I will tackle this as soon as my children are not tossing hotdog bits onto the carpet and grinding them in with their new crocs.

Did I mention that Liv's high chair is toast? Gone'ola. Replaced with $12.00 strappy plastic chair that hooks to the breakfast table chair. No more standing up when meal is done. No more using the chair as a launch pad to swing from the kitchen light. Ha. The 20 month old will not be smarter than dim witted mother. Seriously, the new $12.00 plastic chair that has straps that work is a wonder. Except she is getting back at me for attaching the strap by flinging gooey food all over the place.

Will all of this foddder seem banal when we are fighting over state universities vs. hoity toity private women's colleges? I can only hope for so much.


nikki said...

Hey Perrin!
I am also completely NOT "In the know" when it comes to fabby bloggy banners...luckily I have a friend who is a computer wiz!

However, it's not the banner that brings me to your blog -- it is what lies below the banner.

Congrats on saying bye bye to the highchair!

Space Mom said...

Hey there! Email me if you want a new banner! :)

I could finagle one up for you!

B-squared said...

I think the blue looks great. Of course, I'm a banner-less blogger, so take that for what it's worth! ;-)
Glad you got your groove/blog back.

Allison said...

Wow, Maggie's high chair is toast as well. Grr. Where is O sleeping these days? Maggie is rejecting the crib as well.

Oh--go to meidwithlove.blogspot.com and she will redo your entire blog. She did mine and I LOVE it.

jaj said...

I had blogger envy as well and the wonderful folks at mastheads.com were able to set it up for me proper like. 'Cause I couldn't figure it out.