Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meat Schmeat

The wee Olivia must be secretly up at 3am reading A Green Pharmacy and perusing this web site. She is a card carrying convert. I expect to be shopping for mini birkenstock's, batik tee shirts and finding ways to manage bohemian Asian dread locks. (Assuming her hair ever reaches even the tips of her ears.)

She simply will not touch one little iota of meat. Which in itself does not cause me huge psychological issues with but gees, at 16 1/2 months? She can sniff out chicken at about 6 paces. She rolls her eyes at any tiny piece of beef, ground or otherwise. Pork, uh no no way no how. She can dissect any casserole with a meat product faster than Ava can snarf down a fudgsicle. She holds a delicate pinky up and makes careful mini piles of meat that will be tossed onto the floor if not removed in a satisfactory amount of time, by me. (How nice of her to give me the courtesy 3 minutes to move it over to the high chair and remove offensive carne before the flinging starts.) I've even resorted to offering a chicken nugget, she flung it at the window quickly. Her sister has sweet dreams which include salami, which is only offered here in low doses for obvious reasons. Liv thinks salami should only be used to deep condition her hair. Aside from offensive the smell she might have a million dollar idea as it does provide a nice shine.

A friend offered that nuts could be used to supplement the diet when protein might be an issue. Yes, I answered but you usually have to have more than 8 teeth to safely consume nuts. She conceded that I might in fact have a point there.

Since carbo girl is showing no signs of scurvy or rickets and is standing in her corner at a whopping 32 1/2" and 23 lbs. and is burning through baby clothes as she sizes up about every six weeks I suppose I should not worry. Let her eat the peas with a side of wheat bread and cheerios, at every meal right?

But if she starts picking sticks and berries out of the backyard I'm calling Dr. Atkins.


Anonymous said...

My girl is the same exact way. We do lots of peanut butter and lots of carbs. The doctor said just leave her alone she will be fine. If the planets are alligned just right sometimes I can sneak in a small piece of turkey or chicken lunch meat.

Muriel and Tracy said...

So, Olivia and Muriel have something else in common...Muriel's quite picky about the meat too. Thank goodness for peanut butter. She loves that. Big difference is at 15 1/4 months, Muriel is just 18 lbs and 29 inches! I think I need to stop buying the lowfat peanut butter.

Space Mom said...

Soleil will ONLY eat Bacon. Yep! My jewish girl will only eat Bacon for meat. Nothing else.

Try legumes for protien and if you are weary of peanut butter, try soy butter. Trader Joe's has a reasonable one. Yougurt has proteins too. Don't stress it. There are worse things than being a veggiesaurus

Beverly said...

Peanut butter would do the trick too. I don't know how particular you are about offering foods at specific ages but Glenys has eaten peanut butter by the spoonfuls since we have been home.

Beverly & Glenys

Lisa~~ said...

Maisie too is a carb queen and left to choose food on her own I think the girl would eat a bag of goldfish with a graham cracker chaser. I do get her to eat yogurt, even though it's chocolate flavored and she does like the cheddar crackers with peanut butter in the middle. Our doc says not to worry about it and just offer her everything and let her try and decide what to eat. Good luck.

nikki said...

It is funny how they decide EARLY on what they like and DO NOT like!

My Lily is Olivia's polar opposite -- give her a steak with a side of burger anyday and she'll be one happy girl!

But, yeah, if she is healthy and happy...what's the difference really?

Anonymous said...

Well she can't be Chinese if she doesn't like pork... But before I toss her out of the best ethnicity ever, does she like fish or tofu at all?
Take care, Lin

Anonymous said...

Will she eat eggs? they are a great source of Protein as is cheese to an extent.

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