Monday, March 19, 2007

Bunny Buffet

Far be it form me to complain or be high maintenance in any way when it comes to life around here but I simply cannot let this issue go. The more I think about it legal representation might be warranted. I've been slighted and someone is taking advantage of the fact that at my deepest core I am an embarassingly non-confrontational type of gal.

It's Bunny Buffet time around here at Twoladybugs again. Remember what happened last year?
(Arrow down to the 3rd or 4th paragraph past Ava staring out the back yard.) Yeah, I somehow drew the short stick and got assigned making the 2 dozen deviled eggs for 4 year olds. Yes, I said deviled eggs for 4 year olds. Deviled eggs, you know the kind that require real cooking? You boil eggs, which in itself I could probably handle. Then, and here comes the hard part, you have to delicately cut each egg in half and scoop out the middle. You then mix the middles otherwise known as yolks in some parts of the country with some mayo and pickles and whatever else you have laying around that you feel might impress and then you have to scoop the mixed stuff back into the cut eggs. Add a smattering of paprika for wow factor. This is so time consuming and quite frankly idiotic that you can even buy special plates to display your creation. (We have no such fancy plate.)

At the end of last year when I turned in my 2 dozen deviled eggs I called dibs on bringing peeps for Bunny Buffet 2007. Really, I did... read it.

However, look at this year's bunny buffet assignment.


Are they kidding me? I assure you they don't really joke around that much it is strict business at the preschool bunny buffet. I'm screwed.

So, you might think me whiny and petty and lazy. I am ok with this, I've been called worse. However, please take a quick gander at the other assignments. Number 1. on the list....1lb. bag of baby carrots. Number 2. on the list...4 ribs of celery washed and cut into sticks.
Who's zoomin' who here folks? Some other preschool parent get to dig 4 lousy celery sticks out of the dirty recesses of their crisper box while I in turn must spend 2 hours making deviled eggs for 5 year olds?

Look at Number 10. 3 ripened bananas and 3 ripened kiwis. Here is where my sense of humor must kick back in so no one looses a limb. Who is going to send a green banana and who knows what color kiwi to the bunny buffet? Wouldn't it be implied that fruit should probably be ready for human consumption? By the way I'm going to do a little investigation to see who drew the kiwi card and ask them if they even know how to tell a kiwi is in fact ripened. Because if they know this off the top of their head perhaps they would be better suited for making 2 DOZEN DEVILED EGGS.

There is probably a special place in heaven for ex-professionals who now change diapers, volunteer at preschool, and make deviled eggs? Yes?

I scream the proverbial UNCLE....go ahead send me your best recipe ideas for deviled eggs for 5 year olds. May 2008 bring me the ripened kiwi card.


tshapedgirl said...

Well I am certain that the eggs were just so fabulous last year that you made quite an impression. That was your big mistake- you're now Martha Stewart of the deviled eggs in the eyes of the pre-school.

Good luck deviling!

Lee-Anne said...

Do the kids even eat the eggs?

I think you give kiwis a little squeeze to check if they're ripe?

atomic mama said...

Yep, you were royally screwed. This time next year? The whole family needs to develop a sudden egg allergy.

Traci S. said...

My suggestion? Refer back to your post about the New Year's Eve Harvey Wallbanger cake and screw up the recipe. That will change the line up next year.

Good Luck!


Stefanie said...

Sorry to hear about your the unfortunate deviled-egg card you were dealt. But the retelling of it sure makes for some great bloggy-world humor! Thanks for the laugh :)

nikki said...

Yep, your misfortune is to our benefit! Thanks for the good morning laugh!

But, I agree with the others: if you hadn't done such a great job with the eggs last might be out shopping for kiwis right now!

MKBookWorks said...

hysterical! I can't imagine any kids (except mine who will eat calamari & feta cheese) eating deviled eggs! My secret ingredient is grey poupon mustard.

Have fun! btw - our stop and shop will make 2 doz deviled eggs... yours probably will also (Shaws, Wegmans, whatever)

Missy - Mom to EFP