Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fun Pics of the Liv'ster

First, let me say a quick thank you for the well wishes of the dearly departed pooch. She would have absolutely loved that I spent a few hours crying my little eyes out while cleaning up buried dog bones from the recesses of expensive leather chairs and pee stained carpeting and reading a few comments from her unknown but well intentioned dog posse out there in internet land.

Danka and Xie Xie.

Now, onto cutie pie pics that I took this morning after Liv found a pile of Ava's old hair paraphanelia in a corner that we were supposed to be cleaning. Remember? Dog bones and pee stained carpeting?

I wish someone would have told me back in early 2002 that little girls come with a silent contract saying that when you feed them yoghurt and hotdogs thousands of hair barettes , pony tail thingies, and clippies in every pastel color known to the rainbow will also mysteriously appear in your house. Then after 4 years they start to multiply on their own, sort of like hamsters and find their way to the corners of your house. It can be a problem if the family does not bond together and do a shamanistic cleansing at least annually.

Well, it's been 4 years of little girl hair. No one has done any cleansing. And here is the result.

Oh yeah, that thing is lavender. I think I bought it when Ava was 2 to match an Easter ensemble to visit the in-laws. Perhaps I bought all this crap because I was sleep deprived during Ava's baby and toddler-hood.

"Hmmm...Mommy, you told me you would always love me and never do anything to make me look like a chicken when you met me. Are you keeping your promise?"

Ok, fine. I like lavender just as much as the next gal.

That's it. I'm done, be gone with you. Turn on my music and let me take my nap. And take that 2 bit piece of lavender slip material with you.


Lee-Anne said...

LOL, you are hilarious Perrin! I've bought about 20 different clippy bow things (all Gymboree bargains!)... I was looking at them the other day, and thought to myself... I wonder if I'll ever even use these things?!!! Bella might not even have any hair!!!

nikki said...

Too funny...and too cute!
I have a drawer full of similar looking hair goodies!

Kristin said...

You are SO right... we have a frillion small and shiny hair baubles dotting every open surface of our home... I tend to walk around picking them up and, so as not to lose them, absently clipping them in my hair, and by the end of the day I will have amassed an attractive collection. ;-)

Elaine said...

Oh my! Those are some priceless pictures, which she will hold over your head some day!
I too wondered where all the hair stuff came from. My girls just discovered a secret store of such stuff on Saturday and scattered them everywhere in the house.

kris said...

Just found your blog (linked from Nikki) and am SO enjoying it... your girls are gorgeous!