Thursday, December 28, 2006

Can't stop thinking about those bags!

I've done a little thinking over the holiday season about these. (Scroll down to see the handbags, I know it is tough when you see the pictures of the girlie girls.) I think that I would like to start making them for people on a regular basis. Over the holiday I sold a few, will wonders never cease? I ran a spread sheet last night and I am almost in the black after sewing lots of fun bags this month. (An accounting whiz, I am not.) I find myself jump starting a small business in my head and then pulling myself back, as if I were a horse on a tight reign.

But then I am reminded of how I would like to remember my life when I am old and gray. (Unfortunately I don't think I'll be waiting that long for the gray part.) I want to remember living, trying new things, regardless of the outcome. I guess I would rather live and lose than never live at all. I know the real quote was about loving and losing rather than never loving at all, but it is the same premise right? Of all things, a commercial reminded me of this. Perhaps you have seen it. It has the actress Lynne Redgrave saying that she wants to die dancing the tango, or eating too much chocolate, not die of breast cancer. I hear that message. I want to die drinking a small glass of chardonnay, eating shrimp with killer cocktail sauce on a large front porch giggling hysterically with family and friends about how I wasn't afraid to try something new.

And so, here it is...something new.

Email me if you'd like a funky little bag with a bow on top. Everything in life is better with a bow on top.


nikki said...

I am so happy that you decided to go for it. I will definitely be making some purchases in the new year (I am just wiped out from Christmas).
I will also tell my friends, they will love them too!!!!!
Good for you! The bags are beautiful.

Traci said...

Boy, Valerie would have a field day if you were her Mom. Dang it! Why didn't I get the "cool-crafty Mom" gene!?

I want a bag to hold my growing babe's diaper, wipes, sippy & bib. I need the big one, right?