Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Being Creative

Taking care of small children full time, tending to a house that is under constant arrest of two pint sized whirling dirvishes, and conjuring intelligent thoughts beyond pork chops and scalloped corn for dinner has proven at times to be a creative energy vacuum for me. All of the day to day, hour by hour and minute by minute happenings in my little corner of the world have at times consumed even the most spirited and creative part of what makes me, well...a happy well balanced me.

This is the part of full time stay at home mother-dom that has sent some of my dearest and most talented mother friends skittering off to a cubicle near them to be amongst movers and shakers. The reality of what I have known in the past is that having it all takes giving something up. By that I mean that the grass is not always so much greener on the other side...both being at work outside the home and not working outside the home takes work and compromise. I am in awe of women who seem to make it work while working. Period.

I am even more in awe of women who have found a way that includes flexibility for what their needs are in any given year. For example, they have a 1st grade child and work while the child is in school but make it home in the nick of time before the bus arrives at 2:50pm. I know women who work doing something at home, while the children nap.

So where is all of this going? Why the work home life balance rumination?

Maybe it is because the last week or so I have been making a concerted effort to be more creative. I have been photographing the kids. (Oh my, even with my delayed snap digital they are cuter than bugs ears.) I have been spending hours dragging those children through the fabric stores in attempt to find the bestest darn trims and fabrics for a new round of handbags.

While Olivia naps my sewing machine has been humming. And it is food for the creative soul. Maybe it is time for me to work on finding a way to make work WORK. I can't work in the cubicle, no offense to anyone who works in a cubicle...I have had some pretty nice darn cublicles in my day. Creative work is what I want. I'd love to dream that it is not too far fetched that I could create a job for myself that let's me create the stuff I'd like to create and that someone out there in the world would find enjoyment from that stuff. (aka, pay for it) I am a child of the 80's after all.

So here it is, some cute pie pictures that I enjoyed taking.

Ava and her friend E at a holiday party.

And some hand bags, just for fun.

Next time, more about conjuring nerve to take handbags to local boutiques.


Nikki said...

I, for one, would support you in your handbag endeavor. I think they are adorable. I would buy one and tell all my friends about them. I think that your dream is certainly one that can come true if you decide that you want it badly enough. Go for it!!
Also, the pics of the girls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

I agree with Nikki!! My daughter and I both want a handbag!

Tracy and Muriel said...

Get up the nerve...go for the "Naptime Handbags" gig! They are darn cute! You've got great taste and ability to mix and match colors and patterns.

Love the pics - especially the first one of the girls. Very cute!

Ani said...

those are darn cute bags - how do i go about getting one or 2?

oh, and of course, the girls are just precious :)

Anonymous said...

Would love one of those handbags! They look really nice. Start sewing...

jaj said...

I would love to order a larger one (for a diaper bag) - love the black toile with pink accents! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have to sell those! I love the ones you made for me!!
smith Family Adventures

Traci said...


You got the shot!! What a great pic of the girls!! They are absolutely adorable.

By the way, I love the bags too. I'm so envious of your ability to sew. Valerie wants to learn to sew soooooo bad. One thing I should do and on some level want to do (but am afraid to commit) is take basic sewing classes with her and buy her a very basic machine. One that we can both use. I'm afraid of committing and then hating it and backing out. Maybe this is where I should mention that I almost failed my senior year because I refused to sew the sleeve on a shirt in home ec. The teacher gave me an ultimatum; sew the sleeve on or fail. DANG IT!! I sewed it on but threw the shirt in the trash on the way out the door on the last day. Rebellious spirit strikes again.

What do I do with this little 8 1/2 year old that begs her Mommy to let her sew? Oh!! I know.....I'll send her to Auntie Perrin!!


I love your creations - they're beautiful!


Lisa~~ said...

The piccies of the girls are beautiful, but with those sweet faces, of course the pics are fabu. Also fabu are those bags, shoot can I put my order in for one?

Michelle said...

Those are beautiful!(The kids and the handbags). I would buy one(the handbags of course!:)

marinda said...

Wow Perrin Love the hand bags..Do you make them for little girls to. I would love to have 3 matching one for me Lexie and Hailey .. Let me know if you do this..