Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ornaments On The Move and Pie

You people Rock! There is no other way to put it. My email inbox tells me that over 40 ornaments will soon go to very deserving homes. They will be reflecting the little cutie pie children's faces in no time at all hanging from a tree or kitchen cabinet. And soon my local FCC chapter will hold me in decent graces once again when I come a knocking bearing gifts of cash so that some little local munchkin can attend Chinese Culture Camp this summer.

Ahhh, and on the news front this great day of giving thanks.

I must mention for posterity's sake that sweet darling little Olivia wolfed down turkey, mashed potatoes, Emerils fabulous spinach and artichoke dressing, and an entire piece of pumpkin cream pie that was earmarked for my mother. (Who wouldn't choose to buy my gal's affection with pie?) She also tossed her sippy cup off the high chair tray no less than 6 times with gusto, sending the Muffin Man skittering and mumbling obscenities under his breath. She promptly wore herself out shoveling the grub in faster than I could move it from the kitchen island to her high chair and is now resting comfortably on a triptophan high in her crib.

Ava thought it better to cook this year than eat. She is a pint sized Rachael Ray if there ever was one. I am personally pushing for restaurant ownership and culinary leadership in Vegas. Who wouldn't want their sweet innocent to be slinging hash at the Bellagio in a few years. For all my years slaving silently and passively raising these girls (ahem...) I deserve a free trip to Vegas and have my gal cook a meal for me one day.

We here at the estrogen packed side of the cul-de-sac wish you and yours a very full and thankful belly.

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