Wednesday, December 06, 2006

15 Seconds of Fame

The kid's been home three months and she's already had her 15 seconds of fame. Upon visiting the State Museum this week we were greeted by Mrs. Claus motioning us into Santa's lair. Little Liv wasn't so sure. I looked up to see a very large telephoto lens in our face while sitting up close and personal with Mr. Claus. Wow, I thought Santa's photo helpers must have upgraded in hopes of selling extra 5x7 copies to weak and feeble parents.

As it turns out Santa's photographer was not Santa's helper at all. He worked for the local paper.
He quickly took our names and we were off to see some 10 billion year old meteor that hit Indiana soil in the 1960's in no time at all.

The next morning the Muffin Man was reading the paper and sipping coffee. Hey, lookey there he proclaimed, front page of the Metro State section.

And so that is how Olivia got 15 seconds of fame all within 3 months of moving to the USA.

Note to stalkers: I realize that this picture does disclose our last name and town. Should you feel inclined to disturb our little corner of the cul-de-sac...don't, the Muffin Man is large and not nice to strangers. He weilds a hefty golf club over head to any unsuspecting stalkers. Don't tell me you weren't warned when you get your 15 seconds of fame in the paper.

Everyone else, thanks for the nice phone calls and emails saying you saw the cutie pie over your morning coffee.


Johnny said...

Perrin, Photoshop!

nikki said...

What a fun surprise for you!
She is darling and would be a cute addition to any newspaper.

Lisa~~ said...

Oh, so sweet!

Dannye said...

She is adorable, how cool and unexpected to have the photolens in yours and her faces.

Kristin said...

I've opted for stalking Santa instead... look out Danny Russel, here I come!

It's a great photo of Liv and your hair looks very shiny.

Traci S. said...

I'm with Johnny, Perrin! Photoshop quick!


Krista said...

Very very cute. Love the expression on her face!