Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That's A Big Gap

Hey, psst...big news over here. There has been a dangling tooth situation over here for a few weeks. My mom couldn't take it anymore, gave my sister a paper towel and instructed her to take care of that disgusting dangling tooth situation.

Someone is losing a tooth today. And it isn't me. I need my front tooth to continue my thumb sucking habit.

Oh my gosh, you don't think they are going to pull MY teeth do you? I need them to chase tennis balls and decapitate small woodland animals.

Neither toddler nor hound were abused while minor home bound dentistry was performed, make a note.

But, damn that's one heck of a crater don't you think? Extraction of that one tooth entertained the whole family for hours this weekend.

I wanted to get busy with the three others that are loose but had my family orthodontia license abruptly revoked by the 7 year old.

Her first question was. "If I lose the other one soon will you cut the corn off the cob for me this summer?"

I know I'm a little gruesomely extraction happy but even I could answer a sweetly positioned "Yes, baby" to that one.

Then she tossed her hand on her hip and with tween attitude proclaimed the tooth fairy a fake.
I replied, "Ahh, those that believe in magic receive magic in the form of $1.00 bills." "Make it two and I'll be good all day, she bargained." "Hey, make it one, a pack of gum AND you keep the secret zipped up tight around your sister, comprende?" "Fine, she skipped off, wearing a new toothless off kilter grin."

And you know what she did on Monday? When the class asked what the tooth fairy brought over the weekend she told a tale of fakes. Yes, I am the parent of THAT child in the first grade class. I'm shocked I didn't receive hate mail.

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again. May she grow big and strong to use her powers for good and not evil.


Traci said...

She'll use it for good. Guaranteed!

RamblingMother said...

what a great story! cute pics too.